Vasectomy recovery and healing pictures: Days 1 to 6

This page shows the location of the surgery and post-vasectomy recovery, including the incision and some light bruising. All of the photos were taken during the first week between days one and six, but we, unfortunately, don’t know when each photo was taken.

Location of the right incision
Location of the right incision.

Many surgeons prefer to do the incisions as high as possible because this leaves the longest distal vas remnant. This tends to lessen the risk of back pressure causing pain during the time the body is adapting to its sterile state.

We don’t normally show the penis in photos but in this case, it helps to show the exact location of the incision and demonstrates how high up it is. If the penis is held out of the way for the photos this tends to pull on the scrotum, and it’s not always easy to see where the incision was made.

The site of the left incision.
The site of the left incision.
Both incisions visible
Both incisions visible.

Both incisions are visible in this photo. The right one is clearer than the left. The left incision is to the right of the penis (looking at the picture), and just beneath the pubic hairline.

Bruising to the left side
Bruising to the left side.

We don’t unfortunately know when this photo was taken, but as bruising tends to be after a few days, We’d guess it was taken towards the ends of the sequence.

Many thanks to our contributor for submitting these pictures and allowing us to use them.

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