Pictures of typical vasectomy incision

The photographs below show the site of a vasectomy with a midline incision. The procedure was a conventional procedure with a scalpel. The doctor used hemoclips on the vas, and the bottom portion was left open.

The pictures show the appearance of the incision site shortly after the procedure (same day) and four days later.

Comment from Dr. Edward Karpman

These pictures represent a single midline incision for a vasectomy. Compared to the two-incision technique, the wound is much longer and appears to still be moist with fresh blood. It appears that two horizontal mattress sutures (equivalent to at least 4 simple sutures) were used to close the incision. The midline incision technique is associated with slightly more bruising because the incision is oftentimes carried through the scrotal septum which is rich with blood supply. However, some patients and physicians prefer this approach because the concept of a single incision (albeit many times larger than two separate incisions) is conceptually easier to accept for some patients.

Immediately after the vasectomy

This picture was taken the day of the operation. Note that no dressing has been applied to the wound. This is perfectly normal. There was only a small piece of gauze applied to the wound on day one, and after that the patient was instructed to leave the wound un-dressed.

Vasectomy site immediately after the procedure
Vasectomy site immediately after the procedure.

4 days after the vasectomy

This picture was taken on day four. Note the bruising at the base of the penis and top part of the left testicle.

The doctor suggested that beginning on day three, the patient should take warm baths, as this would help any hematoma, and the stitches to be absorbed.

Vasectomy site 4 days after the procedure
Vasectomy site 4 days after the procedure.

Many thanks to our contributor for submitting these pictures and allowing us to use them.

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