Pictures of normal post-vasectomy bruising after 6 days

These pictures show normal bruising after a vasectomy.

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You asked for post-op photos of vasectomies. These pictures were taken on day 6. My husband and I can rest easy knowing this bruising is normal, having looked at other pictures on the site. Since your site was so incredibly helpful, we wanted to contribute to your work and help others rest easy.

Bruising on scrotum from vasectomy on day 6
Bruising on scrotum from vasectomy on day 6

My husband stated that he didn’t notice the bruising till the morning of day 6. By the time he got home for lunch and had me look, he said it was much reduced, and had been somewhat worse that morning.

It may be interesting to note that for two days before the procedure, and for the three days that followed, I had him take Arnica Montana 30X HPUS tablets under the tongue every three hours. Arnica Montana is a homeopathic remedy that is extremely effective on bruising and other body trauma which we have previously used and had good results with.

Vasectomy incision close-up on the left testicle (day 6)
Vasectomy incision close-up on the left testicle (day 6)

The incisions are barely noticeable. The bruising was only on one side (his left), so it is not noticeable in the incision photos. We think the doctor did an excellent job!

Vasectomy incision close-up on the right testicle (day 6)
Vasectomy incision close-up on the right testicle (day 6)

As far as the pain went, along with general aching and acute sharp pains when moving wrong or being bumped by our toddler or our infant, my husband complained of pain in his upper groin/lower abdomen region (where a woman would feel menstrual cramps, I imagine). We assume that is because the vas was tugged on slightly to extend them out of the scrotum for severing and tying. I watched the whole procedure (the doctor set me up with a front-row seat) from start to finish and I was quite impressed with the dexterity and finesse he displayed.

Many thanks to our contributor for submitting these pictures and allowing us to use them.

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  1. I’m on day 6 now and the pain is still quite strong in the lower abdomen and left side of the scrotum how long did his pain last after day 6?


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