Pictures of normal vasectomy recovery at 3 days and 2 weeks

These pictures show a normal vasectomy recovery ranging from day 3 to day 17. As these pictures show, this patient experience minimal bruising, swelling, and scarring after his procedure.

Contributor’s comments

I had my vasectomy done in March 2010. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Recovery could be described as a discomfort, but no more than I expected. The pictures on day 3 were as bad looking as it got.

Vasectomy recovery progress: Day 3

Vasectomy incision on the right side (Day 3)
Vasectomy incision on the left side (Day 3)
Vasectomy incision from the right and left side on day 3. Very little bruising and swelling is visible.

Vasectomy recovery progress: Day 17

Post-vasectomy scrotum after 17 days. Right side.
Post-vasectomy scrotum after 17 days. Left side.
Post-vasectomy scrotum after 17 days. Front view.
The incision is extremely hard to see after 17 days and the scrotum looks basically back to normal.

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