All You Need To Know About The Bimek SLV

Whenever we talk about the birth control measures, most people think that it is a thing for women. However, there is a broad array of methods that men can consider for birth control. One of the oldest techniques is the use of condoms which are not always regarded to be 100 percent reliable. The other one is vasectomy, which is a solid choice to prevent pregnancy that ties off the ducts that carry the sperms. You must, therefore, make an informed decision before you get it as it is not reversible in case you want to become a parent in future.

Twenty years ago, a German carpenter, Clemens Bimek became interested in creating a device that would impede the flow of sperms in a bid to prevent conception. Recently, he was able to introduce a device that blocks sperms from mixing with the semen when ejaculating known as the Bimek SLV.

Bimek SLV is a small valve, measuring about 1.8cm fitted to the spermatic duct so that it can regulate the release and flow of sperm cells. When this valve is closed, the SLV obstructs the release of the sperms as you ejaculate, rendering the seminal fluid you release to be sterile, thus making you temporarily infertile. In case you decide to become a father later, you will simply need to locate the implant in your scrotum and flick the switch back to allow you release fertile sperms.

Bimek SLV surgery

A highly trained urologist fits this device in the testicles under local anesthesia, a procedure that takes about 30 minutes. Since it is a simple outpatient surgery just like a vasectomy, it involves low risks and side effects. In fact, you don’t need to use any other medication or hormonal supplements once the procedure is complete. This way, you are able to evade the cost of buying medication as well as the medicinal side effects.

Before the surgery, you need to ensure that your genital and the upper thigh areas are properly shaved. After the cut, you can take a shower, but you should at least wait until it heals before you consider having a full bath. The best bit about this surgery is that you only need a day’s rest, and you are good to go back to work. However, you will need to stay for at least 7 days before you have sex.

How to operate the device

The valve is usually embedded in the spermatic ducts and comes with a rocker switch which ca be toggled on and off. You can easily feel it on the skin of your scrotum with your fingers. Most importantly, the switch direction is simple. To open the valve, you need to push the switch towards the abdomen where the sperm cells come from and press the safety pin on the underside simultaneously. By doing this, a part of the switch is pushed close to your abdomen, and into the valve.

To close it, all you have to do is to press the switch down and towards the testicles, without having to push the safety pin. This allows the part of the switch that goes into the tests enters into the body of the valve. It is imperative that you remember to keep both valve switches in the same stance.

Controlling the Bimek SLV is simple and you, therefore, don’t need the assistance of another person. The easiest time to close or open the switch is usually when your scrotum is loose and soft like after you take a warm bath.

Effect on erection and ejaculation

Bimek SLV has no adverse effects on your erection or ejaculation. Your sex life remains the same even after implanting the SLV only that it eliminates conception. You will be able to achieve your full erection just as before, and when it comes to ejaculation, no harmful effects will occur. The only difference is that your ejaculatory fluids will be less with about 5 percent because of the absence of sperm cells. However, you need to know that this device protects you from unwanted pregnancies only and not sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and other infections. You, therefore, have to consider using a condom if you need to protect yourself from such cases.


The SLV has a similar pearl index as that of a vasectomy which is 0,1 whereas that of condoms and pills lie between 2,0-12,0 and 0,2-3,0 respectively. Just as with a vasectomy, you become sterile after about three moths or your 30th ejaculation. This is because some sperm cells remain in your reproductive system for a while even after the connection to your tests have been blocked. What you need therefore is a spermiogram to confirm that you have become sterile.If you decide to switch the SLVs open so that you become fertile, you won’t have to wait like in the case of sterilization. Your first ejaculation will definitely contain sperm cells.

How to keep the SLV working

As long as you want to remain sterile, all you need is to ensure that the two spermatic duct valves are closed. Luckily, the device is designed in a way that it doesn’t require regular maintenance which would mean a scheduled opening and closing. For your security purposes, it is manufactured with sound safety measures to ensure that it doesn’t open accidentally.

The cost of Bimek SLV

The cost of spermatic duct valves and surgery is about $5720. Once you have the surgery done, you will incur no more charges. But after the valves have been closed, you are expected to undergo a spermiogram which costs around $115 to confirm your sterility. Note that your insurance company will not cover the cost of either the surgery or the SLVs and hence, you will have to find a way to cater for the expenses.

As you consider your birth control options, it is imperative that you assess all the advantages as well as the disadvantages of each of them. It would even be better if you ponder going for an option that offers a long-term solution, one that is simple, and reversible.

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