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Has my vasectomy failed?

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    I’ve had the results of my sperm test back, and they have asked for another one in a few weeks time because of “Persistent non-motile sperm”. Does this mean the vasectomy has failed?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    After the vasectomy, sperm will still remain in the seminal vesicles and segment of vas deferens downstream from the vasectomy site for up to 24 ejaculates. It is important that all men are encouraged to continue using some form of birth control prior to confirmation of their fertility/sterility status. Persistent rare non-motile sperm simply mean that the remaining sperm have not yet been cleared from the downstream sites from the vasectomy.

    The fertility potential of a man with a few non-motile sperm in the ejaculate is almost zero, but this still is an area of concern and debate for urologists. Very few will recommend unprotected intercourse until the ejaculate is completely free of any sperm. If any motile sperm are seen on the follow-up semen analysis after an adequate period of ejaculation after the procedure, then this most likely represents a vasectomy failure.

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