Scrotal hematoma: Definition, causes and treatment options

A scrotal hematoma is a collection of blood inside the scrotum. It occurs when bleeding fails to stop after a vasectomy, or when bleeding resumes at some point after the operation due to trauma or other conditions. Hematomas may also develop after a vasectomy reversal.

Scrotal hematomas occur in approximately 2% of vasectomies.1 A hematoma is a serious complication that can be very unpleasant, but it will rarely cause long-term damage.

Symptoms of a scrotal hematoma

Scrotal hematomas typically occur shortly after the vasectomy procedure. They are often accompanied by swelling, bruising, and pain.

The symptoms are dependent on the location, size, and cause of the hematoma, so it’s possible to develop a hematoma without showing all symptoms. A small hematoma may cause minimal swelling and discomfort, while a larger hematoma could result in extensive bruising and pain.

Scrotal hematomas vary in size. They may be so small they aren’t even noticeable, or so large they feel like a third testicle. The reason for this is that the loose skin of the scrotum can expand greatly and may not immediately provide the pressure necessary to stop the bleeding. In these scenarios, the hematoma won’t stop growing until it becomes big enough to apply pressure to the source of the bleeding, or a spontaneous clot appears.

A hematoma will generally feel like a lump or growth in the scrotum. This hematoma mass will eventually harden as the blood-forming the hematoma clots.

Treating a scrotal hematoma

Hematomas usually resolve on their own. In most cases, the hematoma will go away with a couple of weeks, but larger hematomas can take longer to dissolve. The clotted mass of blood that makes up the hematoma will slowly be absorbed into the body, so all you can really do is wait. Pain, bruising, and swelling may last for a similar amount of time, although these symptoms usually diminish as the hematoma shrinks and breaks up.

Your doctor may recommend hot baths, ibuprofen, and tight elevating undergarments as ways to alleviate discomfort and speed recovery. In extreme cases, surgical intervention may be necessary, but this is usually regarded as a last resort.

Avoiding a post-vasectomy hematoma

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk developing of a hematoma after your vasectomy, there are steps you can take to minimize the odds it’ll happen to you

Have a urologist perform the procedure

While your general practitioner may be capable of performing your vasectomy, it’s generally best and strongly recommended to find a urologist to do the job. Urologists typically have much more experience in providing vasectomy services, and experience is a significant factor in predicting the likelihood of complications after a vasectomy.

Find an experienced doctor

In general, the more vasectomy operations a doctor has performed, the lower the chance of hematoma. One study found that “the incidence of hematoma was 4.6% for physicians performing 1–10 vasectomies annually, 2.4% for those performing 11–50 annually, and 1.6% for those performing more than 50 annually.”2

Do your research and find out how many procedures the doctor performs in a year. This may be on the doctor’s website, but it’s also something you can ask about during your initial consultation.

This doesn’t mean that a doctor who has done fewer vasectomies isn’t competent to perform your operation. The incidence of hematoma is minimal regardless of the number of procedures a doctor has performed, but statistically speaking, you’ll have better luck with a more experienced doctor.

Look into a no-scalpel vasectomy

The no-scalpel vasectomy method offers a number of benefits over the traditional technique, and one of those benefits is a lower risk of developing a post-vasectomy hematoma. A scalpel-free vasectomy uses sharp forceps to puncture the skin and doesn’t involve any cutting. With the no-scalpel method, there’s a lower chance of nicking a blood vessel, which means a lower risk for hematomas. Both procedures are currently standard of care, and a traditional scalpel vasectomy is also a great option if your surgeon prefers to perform it that way.


Scrotal hematoma is rare, but a known complication of a vasectomy. A smaller hematoma may cause minor discomfort, while a large hematoma could result in severe bruising and pain.

You need to see your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you have a hematoma. While a scrotal hematoma is usually not a serious issue, it could require special treatment or be related to another problem.

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  1. Had a hydrocelectomy operation done a little over a year ago, I was in the recovery room feeling ok, not too bad after the surgery, after drinking some water and eating a little bit, I got up to go make sure my bladder was alive, so I could go home, while I was walking I started feeling liquid draining, I sat down and looked and everything was swelling, I called the nurse luckily did not pass out which I definitely felt I was on the verge of doing. Still, I held it together and ended up staying to nights in the hospital with a sack the size of a pumpkin, inner thighs all swelled, penis the size of a baseball bat :).

    Anyway, afterward, I indeed had a hematoma. It took 6 to 9 months to get close to normal. However, my testicle is still larger then my other is. Its harder, and it doesn’t hang down like the other either, its tight feeling and very sensitive. Does anyone have anything similar? I’m sure scar tissue is part of the effect, but I’m just curious if, on top of that, my hematoma is still not completely gone or what and why it’s not hanging as low as the other.

  2. I had my vasectomy on 4/2/10 (Friday). I probably knew this was going to be far from the easy procedure. What I was told was a 15-30min procedure turned into about 1.5hrs. I imagine the length of the procedure had something to do with me being unaffected by the lidocaine they gave me as a local. Actually 3x, which still had very little effect on me, so I pretty much felt 95% of the procedure, cutting, pulling, pushing, cauterizing, and even the stitches after. I imagine my tensing up made locating the tube rather difficult most of the time.

    So I made it out of that alive and for 2 days thought the abnormal swelling and bruising was due to the procedure being a bit more difficult. All seemed normal, I noticed the swelling going down a tiny bit and the pain subsiding enough to where the pain was a mere inconvenience Sunday. Then Monday, it was right back to where it was the day after. I also noticed that the right side of my sack had this hard egg-shaped “thing.” I guess it would make sense seeing how that’s the side that’s black and blue and still swollen while the other side is pretty much back to normal.

    I figure from what I’ve been reading here that its a hematoma, I’ll give the doctor a call tomorrow and see what he says. I’m glad to hear it’s not life-threatening but also worried that I’ll have this oddly shaped sack dangling for an unknown amount of time. I guess sometimes life gives you lemons and other times just half of one.

  3. I had a very painful hematoma after the surgery. 14 days post-op, I have a hard golf ball-sized lump that stretches from my lower abdomen to my scrotum. It has been hard just getting around the house until now with a sensation like the worst pulled muscle I’ve ever had. Some of the tenderness is starting to subside, but I now have a sharp pinching sensation even while at rest.

    The nurse just told me to give it a month and get back to her. It looks like it’s going to be a bit longer than that from what I’m reading here. That sucks, but I look at it this way. As long as it eventually heals on its own, I’m happy. A real complication is one that requires more surgery. While difficult and painful, this isn’t a complication. It’s just a distraction. Four more months, here I come! 😛

  4. It’s been a while since my last post. The day after my last post, I went in, and an infection of the hematoma was found. If you are squeamish, don’t read the rest of this.

    My urologist started to squeeze my sac to try to get some of the old blood out of me. Well, he squeezed a little too hard and tore my incision open. So there I was laying off the little table with my sac split in two. Emergency surgery followed to drain the rest of the hematoma and clean everything else up. I had to spend the weekend in the hospital with a Penrose drain in my sac to drain out any blood that might turn into a hematoma—left the hospital valentine’s day with everything looking good. A few days later, another hematoma appeared. This one is not as large and not as painful. No new surgeries needed, just a wait and see approach. It looks like I am finally healing right.

    I had my first surgery on 1/28/10 for a hydrocele correction that turned into a tumor removal/orchiectomy. It is now 5 weeks later. My incisions are healing up nicely, the pain is pretty much gone, my hematoma is just smaller than an egg (larger than an orange after 1st surgery), and everything is returning to normal. I’ve been told that any scrotal surgery comes with these risks. I know that I will NEVER get a vasectomy due to the complications I had during this surgery.

    Good luck to everyone who stumbles on this website in search of help with this problem. Just rest, use plenty of ice, and know that the end will come. I’m into week 5, and I’m still not done, but I can see the end!

  5. Hey Guys, I had a vasectomy 10 years ago, and my man berries swoll up like a softball. They went down after about 3 weeks to a size that was more manageable. Tight underwear seemed to help because gravity was not on my side.

    Recently on February 10th, I was struck in the left testicle from a piece of wood flying from my table saw. Now I have a hematoma on that side that is huge. Apparently, it grew until it ran out of space and then clogged itself. It is getting hard, and although it is uncomfortably big, it doesn’t hurt. I am going to wear tight underwear and cinch it up like Urkel and hope for the best. I’ll try to keep you posted.

  6. I had my orchiectomy on 12/28/09, was originally supposed to be a hydrocelectomy, but they found a tumor and removed the testicle right then and there. It’s now 2 weeks later, and I have developed a hematoma the size of an orange where my testicle was removed. I noticed that hematoma has happened to many people on this board. Is there anything that you have done to help relieve the pain or speed up the recovery. My doc said this might go away in a month to 6 months. Not much pain when sitting, but when standing for more than a few minutes, it gets worse.

    These 2 weeks have been bad, and I can’t imagine doing this for 6 more months. If you have heard anything to help this along, please respond. As you know, this is not fun. Thanks.

  7. Hi, all! I had a vasectomy last Thursday, came home that evening, and testicles swelled up, ended up back in the hospital for a two-night stay where I got diagnosed hematoma.

    The swelling has now dropped off a bit, black and blue, but have this mass lump at the bottom of my left testicle, which feels like a 3rd testicle, which I assume is the hematoma and will be absorbed into my body over time. I am still prone to lower abdomen pain when standing quickly or removing the support. However, I am positive that this will soon pass, and I will be ok to go skiing in 3 weeks. What does bother me, though, is the percentage rates that these happen. Basically, my surgeon was involved in a minor car crash on the day of my operation and therefore didn’t make it to the hospital; hence the junior doctor carried out the procedure.

    I expected to small cut’s on each testicle; however, what I got was 3/4″ cut down the front much more severe than what I imagined. Also, from the three procedures, he carried out 2 of us got a hematoma which, if you read the stats, is well over the rate this happens in fact at 66% on the day it is shocking. Not sure whether I can challenge the hospital? Any advice would be great. Martin.

  8. Thanks for everyone’s response. This is way better than talking to my doctor. I had my vasectomy 12 days ago. On day 6 my hematoma arrived on the left side and hurt really bad. It has gotten a little better, but I have really red skin on my scrotum around where the hematoma is, and it kind of burns (feels like really bad chaffing). Anyone else has this? Also, can you have intercourse with hematoma this early?

  9. Hi guys, I had a correction to a Vasectomy (tube didn’t heal) and removal of Hydrocele last week and have unfortunately ended up with the worse case horror story “grapefruit” size Hematoma (strange that my GP used this reference!). I don’t know if anyone with this problem is still updating, but any other hints and tips to rid of this sooner?

    I don’t think mentally; I can cope with this in 4 months’ time. Most bruising has gone already, but I’ve already spent 2 days in hospital being pumped with antibiotics to prevent infection, with all doctors assuming there is no further surgery. And I have developed the most ridiculous walk to stop my balls slapping my thighs with each step. Only pain is the swelling pulling on my testicles almost like a church bell, although supports help, they are clotting my member. Its a mess!

    Not sure how I haven’t overdosed on the prescribed pain killers and antibiotics, but the fact that I’m as high as a kite at the moment helps me laugh this off for now. Any suggestions more than recommended. Thought the wife would appreciate a couple of months without sex, but even she is worried!

  10. I am very thankful for this site as well. It’s great not to feel alone in this. Thanks to all of you for posting! Thank you for giving me hope.

    I had my vasectomy on December 17, 4 PM. Scrotum swelled up to about the size of a grapefruit and slowly started to reduce after 3-4 days. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic, 600mg ibuprofen 3x per day, and Tylenol 3x 800mg with Codine (if I needed it). I tried the Tylenol the first night, but it made me sick, and the pain was not that bad, anyway. I took the ibuprofen religiously because it really helped reduce the swelling. I had lots of bruising. My entire scrotum and 95% of my penis were purple. I also had some bruising going up diagonally to my hips, although nothing like on my ‘Johnson.’

    11 days after the procedure, my right side was almost totally normal, entry sites were just tiny scabs, bruising is almost all gone, and it was pretty evident to me something was wrong on the left side. After reading this site, I was pretty sure it was a hematoma. No discoloration even in the area of the hematoma (must be under the skin layer?) Wonder why the possible hematoma was not mentioned in the literature?

    Today, 13 days after the vasectomy, I just got back from my Urologist. Almost all bruising is gone. They performed an ultrasound and indicated that I have a hematoma. It is above my left testicle and about 3x the size of it. It is not painful other than the fact that the skin of my scrotum rubs on parts of my body that it shouldn’t, and it gets a little sensitive there. I can push on it without pain. It seems to be firming up. The doctor said it may or may not clear up by itself?!!?

    Since I am, for all practical purposes, losing my health insurance on Jan 1 (I will pay 100% up to $4000), I asked the doctor about removing the hematoma. He offered to do it tomorrow so I could have my current insurance pay, but he indicated I would go under general anesthesia to have it done. I am leery about going under the knife if this could clear up on its own… especially since I have very little pain at all. I will wait it out. If I could do it with local anesthetic and could just do it in his office, I might have considered it given how much lighter my wallet will be if I have to pay for it next year.

    What a depressing situation. I was told these procedures were basically a no-brainer. Glad I didn’t do too much research on this beforehand because I probably would not have done it. Hoping the best for me and ALL of YOU guys… Keep posting updates, and I will do the same!!

  11. Hi, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 39 in 2006. Had right orchiectomy, then a Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (53 nodes). Four cycles of chemo and I was cured. Two years later, I developed an incisional hernia along the scar, had that repaired. Then I developed a hydrocele in the tunica vaginalis of my left testis. (Probably from the trauma from the RPLND.) It was pretty large, and my oncologist wanted it repaired because I was unable to palpate the organ for possible second primary cancer. So I decided to also have vasectomy while under, (I’m 43 with two beautiful children, no more for us please).

    The hydrocelectomy/vasectomy was on 11/25/09. I’ve had an awful recovery- I now have a 128cc’s of fluid in my scrotum, with septations. I’ve had two ultrasounds after the procedure, and two post-op visits with the urology practice. I’m 19 days out, and the hematomas seemed to have stopped growing, but still very sore and heavy. I go back to urology on 12/21/09 for another post-op. Although I want this thing fixed, I really don’t want another surgery.

    How long does the fluid take to be re-absorbed? When is it safe to start taking aspirin or such to help thin blood? Thanks, guys. I am very active in a Testicular Cancer Forum, and I know how valuable your comments can be. Joe.

  12. I’m grateful for this site. I just had my one-week post-op checkup for my vasectomy with the doctor today. I told him that the idea of being able to do just about anything physically and even have sex after one week was a bad joke. I told him about all the bruising, pain, and swelling. It’s hard to sit and get back up. Just lying in bed can be uncomfortable in the wrong position. Taking a pee is challenging, and I can’t shake my Winky at the end of the pee because it hurts my left ball to do so. Water in the shower is painful, and I have to avoid it or block it to take a shower. No. Things are not good. To which he said, let’s see and a quick hand check of the area, which hurt pretty bad.

    Diagnosis – bleeding on the left side. A follow-up appointment one month from now that I can cancel if I wish later. Told me to take Advil regularly, and soaks in the tub with warm water. Continue to wear scrotal support as long as it helps. He said if things get worse, to call in and he would have another look-see. This evening I took my Advil and my warm soak in the tub, and after things settled a bit, I felt the area on the problem left side in detail for the first time – it’s painful, so I didn’t do it before then… Wonderful, a lump actually bigger than my left testicle – above my lefty and to the back – which makes me all lop-sided on the left. Lots of swelling and pain.

    I said to myself, “This isn’t right…, What’s wrong with me?” So, I decided to Google, and behold – a scrotal hematoma. The doc didn’t even tell me the scientific name while I was there for the checkup. I’m a bit relieved now as I was worried, of course. And it looks like I have a long road ahead of me. Perhaps months. And that hematoma may not be done growing yet… I feel for any man with this condition. I told my wife, so she knows what is going on.

  13. Hi, I am really grateful for your comments. My husband just had some severe fitness training for his job and is now in serious pain. He also had a vasectomy done, so I was just looking for some info. Now I see this is an all man site, so I promise this will be the last time I’m on it.

  14. Hello All. I had a vasectomy on Oct 15th. Almost immediately, I had a large growth on the right side. I had a little bruising on the left, but overall the left was great. On the right, I have what was described by my Family Physician as a Hematoma. She stated that the large lump (about the size of a large tangerine) would eventually shrink a little and harden. Then the lump will gradually go away over a few months.

    I am not very happy with this. I have pain almost constantly when I bend over. Sometimes I feel as if something is pulling, and it gives a very sharp pain up the right side. I have some tenderness on the lower right pelvic area just to the right of the scrotum. I go back to see my urologist on Wednesday so I can ask WTF he did lol! I hope all is ok and that the pain subsides soon.

  15. Thanks to all the guys for their input. It helps to know I am not the only one.

    I had my procedure late in the day on Oct. 12th and returned to work the next day. I figured since I had a desk job, I could take it easy, and there would be no problems. After about 4 days, I started having pain that seemed to be “different” from the recovery pain I felt the first 3 days. I also noticed a swelling on the top of my left one that was very painful to the touch and when I stand up.

    I went back to the Doc today, and he said I have a hematoma (luckily only the size of a grape at this point) and that it should dissipate over the next few days. He told me to take Advil and use ice when necessary to ease the pain. He did not mention heat/baths, but I will give that a shot as well.

    In hindsight, I think I probably should have taken the procedure more seriously and taken a full day off of work to recover. Good luck to everyone on continued recovery.

    • Hey Sactastic, curious for an update. I had mine done Oct. 30 and have exactly what you describe happening to me. I agree with you, and I think I tended not to take the recovery seriously enough as well.

  16. I had my vasectomy Friday, 10/9/09. About 3 days after my vasectomy, I started to notice the hematoma. I couldn’t get in touch with my urologist, so I went to my primary, who said I’ve got I buildup of blood. It’s pretty painful at times and is really p$#@ing me off. I was supposed to go back to work on Monday. Now I have to use another week’s worth of vacation to rest.

    I finally got a call from my urologist at 10:00 pm on Wed. So now he wants to see me, just to tell me what I already know. Also, he didn’t use enough local anesthetic during my procedure on the right side, and it hurt so bad I almost passed out. Then when he wanted to do the left side, he did the same thing. My nurse ended up yelling at him for it and told him to give me more. This guy is a freakin quack.

    I just wanted to thank you guys for your stories and helping me realize that these hematomas will eventually dissipate with a lot of time and a little Advil and baths. I’ll continue to post my recovery.

  17. Have to say, this is a welcomed sight (pun intended)! I had the operation two weeks ago yesterday. I couldn’t stop laughing all the way through the procedure. Hysteria, I think!

    I got the wife to pick me up from the outside the surgery unit. Was very tender down there, but no mind-numbing pain. I was told to take it easy for a couple of days. I decided to take the following day off from work, just in case. Didn’t do much, pootled around, told the kids to be careful with Daddy! I went to work on Wednesday, walking very gingerly, but surprisingly little pain, considering someone had just hacked my scrotum open, yanked out my vas deferens, cut them, cauterized the ends then tied a bloody knot in them, finally sewing me back up! Wore the surgical support they gave me for 4 days after, as advised, then went back to wearing boxers. Felt OK enough to cycle down to watch the football the following Saturday, but realized it would be foolish to cycle back.

    A week later and the swelling had all but gone apart from, as people have said here: an extra testicle. I found this after finally feeling comfortable enough to examine myself last Saturday. Immediate thoughts of testicular cancer ruined my weekend until I could get to the Doc’s this morning, who confirmed a hematoma and prescribed patience. It could take up to 3 months to clear, he said. I have now generated sufficient Brownie points with the missus to reinflate the western economy again. I will try the warm bath technique too. Thanks for making me feel like not the only person with three nuts!

  18. Well here we go. Had my vasectomy on Sept 11th by the conventional method. The surgery went well with no pain or discomfort. The urologist made 1 incision in the middle. 2 Hours after the surgery I started experiencing pain and discomfort. Then I swelled to the normal grapefruit size referred to in the other posts. The doctor prescribed me Percocet for pain, but said Advil would probably work as well. Well not knowing any better at the time, I proceeded to take the Advil which I am sure made my symptoms worse by thinning the blood. I called the doctor and arranged to come to his office for him to examine me. He said I had bleeding and that this would just take time. There was no mention of hematoma. After 3 more days the swelling was about the same on the right side, left side was almost back to normal. Also, I had the extreme bruising from my belly, down my thighs, and penis and scrotum were completely purple. I went to another Urologist for a second opinion who informed me that this was a hematoma that would resolve itself over time. He told me that my body would break it down and eventually re-absorb the blood, and the swelling should be better within 3 weeks. Today is day 10 and they started me on anti-inflammatory drugs (Aleve 220Mg twice a day) and to begin soaking in warm water. I am still experiencing discomfort and have stayed off my feet the entire time. Also wearing the normal scrotal support. As of right now, my hematoma on the right side resembles the size of a lemon. The bruising is starting to go away, but the pain is still there especially if I try to walk, sit upright, or use the toilet. Some of these other posts are really starting to freak me out. I hope and pray that this does not take that long to go away. I am so pissed off and mad that this happened, but I know I can’t change it. The 2nd doctor told me that I could resume sexual activity in 2 weeks from the day of the surgery, but I think that would still be difficult. My right side is one big mass. I can’t even tell where my right testicle is. Do you think that the anti-inflammatory drugs and the hot baths will expedite the healing process? Thanks in advance. Like others have mentioned, I know many guys that have had this very “minor” procedure performed and have had no issues. I am the only one I know that this happened to. Lucky me.

  19. Well I am now 5 weeks yesterday since my Vasectomy, I am still the size of a grapefruit and unable to stand longer than a few minutes…I had another Ultrasound and saw the Dr. My hematoma is “incredibly large” according to the Dr. it is extending clear up into my Inguinal Canal from below my left testicle. And even around the base of my penis. He suggested surgery to clean everything out but I am very leary of it, I guess I am scared I am going to have this happen all over again the day after surgery, he says very unlikely buttttt. I woke up this morning and actually felt like things were begining to “break up” a little, what was once rock hard is now getting a little soft around the edges so maybe finally it is beging to clear, I told the Dr. I want to give it 2 more weeks and see where I am and if I am still in this sad of shape I am going to go for the surger I guess it cant be any worse.
    Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions, me and my heating pad have become best friends.

  20. @ Sactoca – Hi I have had an identical scenario and I can give you some hope, I am now at day 17 after the operation and the hematoma (also a second left nut) and I am basically over it now. The pain stopped about two days ago and the swelling is gone. The hematoma is still there but smaller and not causing any discomfort. Hang in there, it will be over before you know it.

    @ Art – sorry buddy from all the posts consensus is that you are going to have to recline for a few more weeks! You have our sympathy…

    I recall one guy went the draining route and had a second and larger one, and subsequent infection. So that would not be without risk.

  21. I am 4 weeks post Vasectomy today, I had a hematoma which developed about 5 hours after the procedure. My scrotum swelled to nearly the size of a grapefruit. Now it has been 4 weeks and I am still just as swollen and the pain is almost unbearable when standing for more than 3 minutes, I am unable to sit upright in a chair, therefore I am either in bed or reclined in my chair, I had bruising clear around my hips and into the lower part of my stomach which is pretty much gone now. How long is this going to take to clear up? I am unable to work. I have heard that draining the hematoma is not a good idea due to it may cause further trauma but at this point I dont see any other way. What should I do?

  22. you guys think you got it bad lol??? shit i got a story to beat all you.. about….5 months ago.. almost 6… my cute lil 6 year old neice..bless her heart… decided it might be funny to kick her uncle right in the balls like her dear old hag of a mother taught her to do…. it took 2 months to fester up… 1 day i had some sharp pains like getting kicked in the balls again..and again..and again… so i felt and wholy shit my left testicle was the size of a tennis ball… i thought testicle cancer..ran up to the er room…$2800 later i find out i have a hematoma not cancer… i asked the doctor.. hematoma??? like a boxer gets?? he said yes.. from an injury….i thought injury…. then thats when i remembered laying on the ground in severe pain in front of the whole family….so now here it is almost 4 months later…still the size of a baseball…doctors say only time for body to absorb blood… so now supportive underwear is a must… i am just glad no pain after week 1… that was the worst pain ever in my life!!!!!!good luck guys.. hope my bad luck at least made some one laugh today..oh and as far as my cute little neice goes… i am planning a non violent little scare the piss out of her this halloween…and may be the next 30 halloweens….

  23. First of all thanks everyone for sharing.
    I had mine on 8/31/09. Procedure itself no big deal. Did the ice for two days, but not much rest (3 kids under four). the pain has gotten better to the point where i can walk and drive ok. But about day 5 it got worse. Now I have two left testicles (the third one being orange/black). From what I read its no big deal, gonna call DR for some antibiotics and painkillers , and sing “time is on my side”..

  24. Hi, I am now the newest member of this sad club! Had a vas 9 days ago, under local, 2 cuts. Op went fine and out in 30mins. However, 10 minutes after op I felt a sharp ping. Suffered more pain than expected and after 7 days went back. Urologist confirmed hematoma, not of the disaster grape fruit variety but more like a third testicle. Treatment is tramadol for pain, antibiotic (augmentin BD) to avoid infection and anti-inflam (brufen) for healing. so far, being day 9, pain is manageable but big frustration is no gym, and no sick leave. At least it is a desk job.

    Most helpful hints I found:
    No gym
    Sleep with cushion between knees
    Dont obsess about it
    Dont give daily updates to your wife unless requested to do so 🙂
    Consider yourself unlucky, nobody I know had even the slightest complications with the snip

  25. Hi all, how glad am i to find this site.I had an epidectomy on the 9th June 09 (this was removal of epidiymus).I underwent this operation following ongoing pain in my right testicle ehich was on the epidymus.I went through various ant biotics with no success and after consulation with my urologist (2nd opinio) i went unedr the knife.
    The opertion apperaed to go well and the usual bed rest was followed but approx a week after the op i was working again and felt my testicle swell and dint know waht it was but it caused me chronic pain .I persevreed with it for a couple of weekd asnd rsnmg through to hospital tpo speak to urologist but thye referred me to docs.Docs just said it was swelling and gave me anti biotoics and ant inflammatory.this didnt improve things and i can feel hard rock above my testicle.the pain got worse so in order to see urologist i had to go to A and E who advised it was hematoma( my doctor mised it).

    I was just relived that i was told what it was , i have been given Tramadol to relieve pain and been told to wait and it will reduce(they dont want to oprate as it may cause another one when they remove it) i am now 7 weeks in now and i have good adays and bad days but am trying to manage the treamadola they are very strong and can be addictive.
    It has been good to find this site as it is raeessuring.The main frustraion i am finding is no sport or activity for 7 weeks now and the question i have to all is does anyonw have an idea of how many weekd/months before you can resume astivity, some dayts i think will it ever end? also any recomendations to help reduce it quicker
    All advice welcome??

  26. Day 5 on the island of pain and misery. Thanks to all who have posted. It is very helpful to know I am not alone and probably not gonna die. I had my vas on July 16th. It hurt when the doc did the left side. He told me pain med had not kicked in yet. He gave me more. It was still uncomfortable but hey I expected it not to be fun. Took Friday off and did the rest bit over the weekend. Left testicle turned blackish next day. Thought no biggie hurt alot more than expected. Went to work Monday. Big mistake. Pain got worse. Called the doc office. They sent me to ER. Fun ultrasound. Diagnosis vericocele with scrotal hematoma. Black and bruised. Swollen sac. I can barely walk. This is great just great! So looks like I get some down time by reading just of the posts. Time appears to be the key. Hope everyone heals up and thanks for posting.

  27. Why did we ever think it was a good idea it mess with a perfectly healthy body? Personally so that I’d have a more relaxed wife (meaning more sex.) The planets don’t align quite as much as I’d like.

    Anyway, IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!!!!!!! Hits sofa with frustration.

    NSV day a week ago, all seems to be fine, after 3 days starts getting worse. Just called GP (for free of course, thankfully living in the UK) seems I probably have a haematoma. Unbelievably frustrating. No football, no mountain biking.

    Only way I can get my head round it is by it making me a better person for realising what it’s like to be wheelchair bound.


  28. Misery loves company, so thought I would pass on my experience so far. Vas on June 26th. Great to know you are not the only one going through this as guys tend not to talk about it. Most of my friends were in and out with no issues (or so they say). I had a good procedure as well, no bruising, little swelling…all seemed great. 5 days later noticed lump above left testicle about the size of a walnut. Started getting worried as finding info on this is hard. Called doctor after a week and he said take advil for a week, should be fine as long as it isn’t getting bigger. 11 days post VAS and hasn’t gotten bigger. Taking advil 3 times a day. Pain is bearable. I find the jock strap/support a life saver. Pain feels liked being kicked in groin and it goes up to lower abdomen. Having support on alleviates much of this. Started warm bathes last night so hoping that will help too….good luck all.

  29. bought a jock strap today, has helped a little,but compared to before it really makes it possible to walk around, testies are firmed up,but definetly reducing down a bit, looks like another 2 weeks until complete recovery,fingers crossed. ice packs and warm baths help. if anybody finds this web page and is in the first stages of scrotal hematoma dont hesitate to email me subject hematoma so i know t is not junk. good luck and hang in there, painkillers and patience and a understanding partner is needed.

  30. well its over of a week now, feeling down, the left side of my testies is very hard right side is soft, yellow jaundise like colouring in my legs. walking is very difficult, time seems to be dragging. only lying down helps.

  31. feeling better,still sore walking,right side of testies feel normal the left side still hard,but on the whole much better. size of a orange now,thank god

  32. tuesday morning , the swelling is down 8% but the groin area is so sore,tender to touch, lots of sudocrem and vaseline, compared to other peoples stories my recovery seems to be going a little bit quicker, hoping to be able to drive on saturday for 1 hour, got to. fingers crossed, will keep all informed, pain has increased

  33. bibo thanks for that, youve just made me feel worse, but that aside i am horrified that we are not made aware of this condition, sleeping is getting harder ,balls firming up now and starting to hurt, would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, will keep updating as i go along

  34. narinder — the pain will get probably worse as the blood begins to clot. I was in bed 23.5 hours a day for almost a month eating 6 Lortab a day. See my previous posts above. Almost a year later now, I still have occasional pain.

    That is tragic about your planned Rome trip — note to anyone else considering a vasectomy less than 6 months prior to an important tripe or event — DON’T DO IT.

  35. sunday morning bood stopped , balls reduced about 2% ice helps, pains tough, feels like i have been punched, walking is difficult, feeling down, going to rome for the final is out of the question,devestated

  36. well its saturday morning 48 hours after ,the blood has stopped leaking and is starting to clot. balls have reduced in size by 5%, what i would reccommend is lots of vaseline on balls and wound and cover insertions with melolin pfa dressing. hope to be on the mend ,stll in loads of pain though.

  37. Thank god for this site and post. Just had vas yesterday, when i came home i rested in bed and the wife went out with the kids to allow me to rest.After about an hour i went to make a cup of tea,upon my return i could feel my testies filling up to the size of a small tangerine,as i was watching the size was getting bigger and bigger, starting to panic,i called the ambulance, by the time they got to me it was the size of a orange. when i got to the hospital they were the size of a grapefruit.I was really scared, blood was oozing out of my wound at a very slow trickle. Fearing i was going to burst blood all over the hospital or even worse die,i needed help and reasurrance. did i get it, did i f@@@@.The doctor eventually gets round to seeing me some 40 minutes later,and at this time my testies are ever expanding….he walks up to me ,looks at my grapefruit and says youve got hematoma, very rare after vasectomys,your just unlucky mate,go home and take ibuprofen and see you later mate.I was livid .No one explained this could happen to me at the marie stokes clinic , no one even explained how and if it happens what to do.Anyway after a restlness night i lie here in bed still oozing blood at a significant trickle, balls stopped expanding, COULD SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE.I AM SELF EMPLOYED AND NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK AS SOON ASPOSSIBLE,OTHERWISE IM BANKRUPT, WORSE STLL I SAVED UP TO FLY TO ROME ON WEDNESDAY AND THINK ITS HIGHLY UNLIKELY I COULD FLY. ANYWAY IM NOT SHOUTING ANYMORE JUST FUSTRATED.If anyone could give some healing advice please post or email me,many thanks for listening

  38. Over three weeks now since Op, hematoma’s have reduced to pea size and no pain or ache’s, all equipment is functioning normally again now, just hope it works, cos i aint going back again.

  39. Had mine done on the April 29th , comfortable for a week , then bang did to much, (gotta take it easy and wear a support), I got complacent thinking I was fine, next I have worse pain than post Op, golf ball size hematoma’s on both testes. Had pain now for 5 days but the pain is easing each day and today they seem smaller I hope. Just taking Ibrufen each day and keeping them well supported.
    I will post soon as I am back to normal

  40. I had my vas one week ago today. Felt hematoma that night. Hurt really bad for a few days especially at night. Now it is the size of an egg. Everyday is better and better already!! Practically no pain. I went to work on Monday, 4/13 and vas was on 4/10. I take maybe two or three advil per day and soak in a warm bath from time to time. The main help has been Jesus. I am believing Him to heal me quickly. I am speaking this into existence. I will recover fully very soon and I’m not talking about months either. I tell you all this because he is a constant help in the time of trouble. Ask Jesus to help you and ask with a sincere heart. God Bless.

  41. I wish I had found this site before my vasectomy…. but if I had, I wouldn’t have had it done. Had it done on march 29th. I did the usual, 72 hrs of ice, lying flat and lots of vicodin. Had bruising up to about my waist line, swelling to about grapefruit size and now a hematoma about 4 inches around on the left incision. I had two incisions, I don’t know if that is norm or not. My big prob now is the incision where the hematoma is isn’t healing. The other healed fine but the other is still weepy. Doc looked me over and said everything is ok, but it looks like the hematoma is keeping the skin from closing up. And anything I wear sticks to what little scabbing seems to form. Anyone else have similar issues?

  42. It has been 9 months since my vasectomy (see my comments above).

    I still have a discernible/palpable left/right difference.

    I still have occasional pain, a dull ache.

  43. I’m glad that I found this page. I feel sort of like a wus, compared to the rest of you guys. I had mine on Friday the 13th, and it went fine. The next 2 days were fine, and to be candid, I probably did more than I should have (out driving around w/the wife and kids, well, she was driving). I was expecting to be fine in a couple of days, but I noticed some swelling, a softer mass, as well as the by now common sounding walnut sized really hard lump. Regarding pain, not so much, a general uncomfortableness. Also, I think that one day of wearing the tighties, they were too tight, and made it feel like I was constantly being tapped in the nuts.

    I’m 2 weeks out, and will see the Dr. on Monday, “for a quick look”. I wouldn’t be worried, except for the fact that this sort of side effect wasn’t advertised. I’ll re-post on Monday, after I get the verdict. Nice to have some other suffers out there to compare notes.

  44. Guys, I had mine on 2/27/09, and everything went well. 10 minutes, no pain and I’m out of there. My brother and I went together that day to hold each other’s hands, so we didn’t chicken out. He had no trouble, just a little swelling and bruising.
    I, however, was a different story. Two hours after the surgery I had a painful lump on the left side of my pubic area, and the scrotum swelled to a misshapen baseball. I called the Doc and he said to keep it iced. Next morning, the purple bruising went from my pubic area up to my left hip bone, and then spread across my waistline from left to right hip bone, and even a little past toward my lower back/upper buttocks. After 5 days, I went back to work, but was walking like an old man due to the pain and tenderness. I had trouble walking up and down stairs, putting on socks and pants and getting in the car. After two weeks, the doc said I just had a large blood clot, that would become fibrotic after a few days and then the body would just begin to absorb it. It’s been almost three weeks, and while the majority of pain is gone, the size is still about a baseball, and most bruising has gone. The scrotum looks about the normal color, and the bruising has gravitated down my left leg towards the back of my knee. But it’s fading. My brother laughs at me, since he is fine and I’m a mess. And he went first that day! I’ve noticed that the right side of my scrotum is back to normal, with skin that’s loose. The blood clot is pressing my right teste against the wall and causes some discomfort from the pressure. I’ve stopped icing it at night, and have finished my antibiotic. The doc said to call him if pain comes back or conditions worsen, but I’m not looking forward to months of slow rehab. After fours years of trying, my wife and I finally were accepted into the NYC marathon, and now it looks like I’ll have to defer. What a bitch!

  45. I had a vasectomy on friday the 13th, go figure. First few days after wasn’t bad. Second week I started having pain on the left side of scrotum sack. I discovered a hard lump inside the scrotum sack. Went back to the Doc, he said evrything was fine, and it would take a couple of month to heel totally. Hurts like hell when I touch it. Taking warm baths. Still alot of pain. I think it would have been easier for the wife to go under the knife. Sucks.

  46. My hemotoma was much the same as I read here, my only question is this: It appears to be more frequent that I was originally lead to believe, is this some sort of V cover up? If the general population knew of this side affect in graphic detail I bet the procedure would not be so common. You don’t see any pictures of a scrotal hematoma when you are sked to sign off on the “slight” risk.
    I’m 15 days into my V recovery, so much for going back to work after three days. I saw the doctor’s three times within the first 7 days, and they were all amazed at the egg plants, black, hard, large and painful. On day 8 I was admitted for surgery, I was opened up and drained of the original hemotoma, but by cutting into the scrotum a second hematoam was guaranteed, and I wasn’t disapointed. It was larger, and more painful than the original. I was admitted to the hospital, three drains were installed, the dressing had to be changed every four hours, and I got an infection to boot. I was in the hospital for 5 days, constant monitoring of vitals, pain meds, IV antibiotics, and a full contingent of sightseeers to see the egg plants. I’m home now, drains have been removed, sweeling has gone down a little, pain is still up there. Hopefully I’ll be able to go into work for four hours a day latter next week.

  47. Sounds like I’m in the boat too guys…make some room!
    Tomorrow AM will be 1 week for my procedure. Day of, and weekend went ok, Monday back to work was reasonable, but then Tuesday began to have more discomfort on Left side. He did have a little more trouble on the left side doing the procedure, so I’m not surprised that it hurts a bit more, but now I’ve got the walnut sized firm mass above the left jewel almost near the base of my rod. Not bad sitting, or standing, but moving from one to another isn’t a barrel of monkeys. I’ve been taking IBuprof. on an off just for a little relief, but looks like I need to get a little more regular on that and start the baths. I’ve put off calling my Doc, but I think I will in the am. Got some really nice bruising along with it. I started reading this column and it made me think of the hematoma I had last summer on my hip from when I crashed my bike on the road. I had a fist sized hematoma (along with some really nice road rash), on the side of my hip. That was June last year, and I can still feel where it was, so I’m working on accepting that this may take a while……sigh…
    Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  48. Thanks to all who’ve posted. Hearing ‘wait it out’ from the doc wasn’t encouraging considering the pain and discomfort associated with my olive sized hematoma. It’s been 1 week in for me and from the sounds of it, I’m in for at least a few more months. Keep posting progress, please.

  49. Hey guys…I had a vestectomy reversal 3 weeks ago and when I removed the bandages 24hrs later to my surprise I looked I was kicked in the nards. I developed a hematoma the size of a lemon on the right side which forced my right testicle to push up against the left one. I was bruised really bad on the left side groin. The pain was unbearable. After 2 weeks I tried to go back to work and lasted 4 hours. Then came back the next week and here I am after climbing a ladder looking for advice as I feel like I got kicked in the nards again. So mind to say I will take another week off. Can anyone tell me how long they have been off work. I have an understandable employer and a great short term disability benefits too. I am looking for advice to make this thing go away quicker also. I take advil.

  50. My vasectomy was almost 7 months ago (see my previous comments). I am now almost fully recovered.

    What remains of the hematoma is perhaps the size of a raisin and only reminds me of its presence in the form of a vague ache every few days and a sharper twinge every week or two — sometimes left, sometimes right, so it might be lingering discomfort from the vasectomy generally rather than specifically hematoma-caused, a potentially permanent phenomenon my doctor advised can happen, rarely.


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