Scrotal hematoma: Definition, causes and treatment options

A scrotal hematoma is a collection of blood inside the scrotum. It occurs when bleeding fails to stop after a vasectomy, or when bleeding resumes at some point after the operation due to trauma or other conditions. Hematomas may also develop after a vasectomy reversal.

Scrotal hematomas occur in approximately 2% of vasectomies.1 A hematoma is a serious complication that can be very unpleasant, but it will rarely cause long-term damage.

Symptoms of a scrotal hematoma

Scrotal hematomas typically occur shortly after the vasectomy procedure. They are often accompanied by swelling, bruising, and pain.

The symptoms are dependent on the location, size, and cause of the hematoma, so it’s possible to develop a hematoma without showing all symptoms. A small hematoma may cause minimal swelling and discomfort, while a larger hematoma could result in extensive bruising and pain.

Scrotal hematomas vary in size. They may be so small they aren’t even noticeable, or so large they feel like a third testicle. The reason for this is that the loose skin of the scrotum can expand greatly and may not immediately provide the pressure necessary to stop the bleeding. In these scenarios, the hematoma won’t stop growing until it becomes big enough to apply pressure to the source of the bleeding, or a spontaneous clot appears.

A hematoma will generally feel like a lump or growth in the scrotum. This hematoma mass will eventually harden as the blood-forming the hematoma clots.

Treating a scrotal hematoma

Hematomas usually resolve on their own. In most cases, the hematoma will go away with a couple of weeks, but larger hematomas can take longer to dissolve. The clotted mass of blood that makes up the hematoma will slowly be absorbed into the body, so all you can really do is wait. Pain, bruising, and swelling may last for a similar amount of time, although these symptoms usually diminish as the hematoma shrinks and breaks up.

Your doctor may recommend hot baths, ibuprofen, and tight elevating undergarments as ways to alleviate discomfort and speed recovery. In extreme cases, surgical intervention may be necessary, but this is usually regarded as a last resort.

Avoiding a post-vasectomy hematoma

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk developing of a hematoma after your vasectomy, there are steps you can take to minimize the odds it’ll happen to you

Have a urologist perform the procedure

While your general practitioner may be capable of performing your vasectomy, it’s generally best and strongly recommended to find a urologist to do the job. Urologists typically have much more experience in providing vasectomy services, and experience is a significant factor in predicting the likelihood of complications after a vasectomy.

Find an experienced doctor

In general, the more vasectomy operations a doctor has performed, the lower the chance of hematoma. One study found that “the incidence of hematoma was 4.6% for physicians performing 1–10 vasectomies annually, 2.4% for those performing 11–50 annually, and 1.6% for those performing more than 50 annually.”2

Do your research and find out how many procedures the doctor performs in a year. This may be on the doctor’s website, but it’s also something you can ask about during your initial consultation.

This doesn’t mean that a doctor who has done fewer vasectomies isn’t competent to perform your operation. The incidence of hematoma is minimal regardless of the number of procedures a doctor has performed, but statistically speaking, you’ll have better luck with a more experienced doctor.

Look into a no-scalpel vasectomy

The no-scalpel vasectomy method offers a number of benefits over the traditional technique, and one of those benefits is a lower risk of developing a post-vasectomy hematoma. A scalpel-free vasectomy uses sharp forceps to puncture the skin and doesn’t involve any cutting. With the no-scalpel method, there’s a lower chance of nicking a blood vessel, which means a lower risk for hematomas. Both procedures are currently standard of care, and a traditional scalpel vasectomy is also a great option if your surgeon prefers to perform it that way.


Scrotal hematoma is rare, but a known complication of a vasectomy. A smaller hematoma may cause minor discomfort, while a large hematoma could result in severe bruising and pain.

You need to see your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you have a hematoma. While a scrotal hematoma is usually not a serious issue, it could require special treatment or be related to another problem.

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  1. These comments have been a great read. Seriously. I was really nervous and couldn’t find much about the egg-sized hematoma I have 16 days post-vasectomy. The doctor assured me that it happens. But I just couldn’t find anything that talked about it. I at least feel a bit better now.

    The pain was bad for the first week. It’s finally getting better pain wise. And now I know that the next few months won’t be as awful as my mind made me believe.

    Good luck, guys. So long as I’m actually sterile at the end of this, and I never have to do it again, I don’t regret it lol.

  2. I had my vasectomy operation on 1st March under general anesthesia. Everything went okay, woke up fine with a little bit of discomfort. The next few days, balls looked like plums coupled with a purple shaft, but I thought that was normal. The biggest issue was stinging from the incision.

    However, 10 days in, I noticed a lump of the top of my left testicle, bloody kills, as it rubs my grown, it’s annoying. Silly me though, I have been the gym about 4 times in the last 5 days, no CV just weights. Today did 10 minutes on the bike and 10 mins with a cross-trainer. Now the lump I thought was just the tube being tied, I think, is a hematoma. It’s about the size of a walnut and just aches. The other side is fine… I told the wife I didn’t want it done 5 weeks before our holiday! The doctor will tomorrow try to find out what it is. Great comments from you all though, I don’t feel alone 🙂

  3. I have a massive (small watermelon) hematoma of my scrotum/testicles due to the leaking artery in the groin after an abrasion. That was two weeks ago, and I can’t help but figure it’s getting worse and not better.

    Everything in hardening up, but it all seems to be getting bigger. I’m sitting here in rehab because I can’t take care of my bodily functions. Into rehab, late Friday night, and have not seen a doctor since I left the hospital due to Christmas, etc.

    I don’t know if it is worse or getting better, the hardening was expected but not the addition swelling. Can someone comment on the stages of healing, there is so little information online, I have suffered and know I am in for a long recovery, I just don’t want it getting any worse.

  4. I had a vasectomy 10 days ago. During the procedure, the left side went fine, but on the right, it really felt like the Doctor jabbed something in my testicle with a needle. I asked him to stop and give me something more to numb the pain, and that helped during the procedure, but the cauterizing still felt a little like getting a light static shock on that side. The two sides are like night and day. The left is fine, but the right is not. I don’t have a lump in the testicle, but the spermatic cord on that side is really swollen. It’s like a hose with too much pressure in it that has expanded.

    At least I don’t have the pain some of you are having. Anybody else has anything like this? This is a real mess. Good luck to all who are posting.

  5. I had a vasectomy done on October 12th, and within 4 hours of getting home, my scrotum had swollen up to the size of a personal watermelon. Roughly six inches in diameter. I was admitted that night after driving myself to the hospital and was immediately in the or room to drain as much as possible and to put a drain in.

    Now, after 2 weeks my right side is back to normal, but the left side, I believe, is starting to harden. I’ve been doing two 30 minute warm soaks morning and night. And I’m massaging the area each time. I can barely walk more than 50-75ft and have constant pain in my groin on the left side of my scrotum—It hands down the worst experience of my life. And it makes me deeply regret getting this done.

  6. Hello, I’ve been lurking through this forum, any every other forum, for about five days now. I had a single point incision NSV on August 23, 2018. Like at least one other poster on this forum, I did not ever get fully numb on the right side during the procedure and almost jumped off the table when I was cauterized on the same side. The left side went very well with only minor discomfort.

    I religiously followed the post-op procedures (generally stayed off feet, no lifting, Tylenol, and icing) for fear of a longer recovery. After 72 hours of feet up couch time, I decided I would return to work the next day. My job mostly consists of desk work with minor walking here and there. The first day back at work was reasonable, and I didn’t experience significant discomfort. However, the second day at work ended with extreme pain and swelling, so much that I opted to take the next day off. At this point, I was switched from Tylenol to Advil (800mg 3-4x daily). All of my pain was on the right side, and it was very swollen. After many hours of information searching, I was able to deduce that I had a hematoma. However, it wasn’t quite as solidified as it is now.

    Currently, I have a hematoma that is roughly the size of another testicle that is on the right side above the testicle, close to my inner thigh. Warm compresses help significantly, as does the Advil. I have some pain, mostly when moving around or if I have to take off my supportive underwear for any reason. A lot of the swelling is starting to slow down/dissipate, but the hematoma itself is still very present. I am 9 days post-op and 6 days post hematoma. I am hoping that this all starts to get better soon.

    The one topic I haven’t found much information on is intercourse with a hematoma when have others of you returned to intercourse? Was ejaculation painful, or did it cause additional soreness? Thanks for your time, if I remember I’ll update this thread later on with progress, I know I found the previous entries helpful — a thread going since 2008 impressive and is clearly still relevant, thankful I found this site.

  7. I had my single, center incision, Vasectomy, on August 6th. My hematoma kicked in about 3 days later on the right side. That same day, I went from being able to walk without issue to almost keeling over every time I tried to stand up. I returned to work the day before at a desk job, but I feel that is what probably caused the hematoma as I had no issues before while I was resting on the couch after the procedure.

    My hematoma got up to about the size of a 3rd testicle. It’s now 14 days after my procedure, and my left side is pretty much completely healed up and never had any issues. The sutures are almost completely dissolved, and the hematoma is shrinking very very slowly.

    Two urologists said to just wait it out, and that’s what I’ve been doing. After the first day of hematoma, I had no pain really, just the swelling. I was able to be sexually active after about 7 days post-op. The first ejaculation had a little blood, but nothing to be alarmed about. All ejaculations since have been totally normal.

    I can’t wait to start exercising again! I’ve been going crazy being so sedentary at home.

  8. Thanks for your stories, gents.

    I had a vasectomy 6 days ago. Procedure on Wednesday, and went on a holiday on Friday. Not a good idea. I was under the impression it would be healed after 3 days, and I’d be able to rest. Instead, I got a hematoma on the left of my sack, and I am spending the whole holiday in bed with a black and blue swollen mess where my table used to be. I saw a local doctor who said it’s all normal and will take time to heal but was still really worried it’s something more serious. Lots of stories on here sound similar to my pain, so maybe it will just take time.

    Thanks for the reassurance.

  9. I’m back to check-in. I’m glad this page and the comments seem to be revived since I posted several months back! I’m seven months post-vasectomy, and I can finally wear boxers again!

    Just a few weeks ago, I noticed that my left nut was finally starting to drop down to it’s (mostly) normal position, so I tried out the boxers and… no discomfort! It still doesn’t quite hang 100% normal (until recently it always stayed up high like it was cold but without any pain… just got uncomfortable if I went for a long period without support) but as far as I’m concerned I’m basically fully recovered.

    I can lay on my side with no issues at all. I can be as aggressive as I want with sex without any issues. I just wanted to come back and let everyone know, and it does actually heal up completely! I expect over the next several months that even the slight abnormalities in its position will eventually resolve completely as well.

    Thanks again to everyone that posted, these comments really helped me deal with this, and it looks like it has helped a ton of other guys too.

  10. Time for my story. Mine isn’t quite so bad as a lot of stories on here. But when I was desperate for answers and I couldn’t wait to hear back from my doctor, reading stories online was helpful, so maybe some of you will have a similar one.

    I don’t fully understand the medical terminology, so I’m not 100% sure what I had was a hematoma (my doctor never called it by a technical term), but I think it was. Either way, here’s what happened. My doctor said I was fortunate because he saw the issue while he was operating. I was put under for my vasectomy. When I woke up, my doctor said there was some internal bleeding that he caught while I was under. So the procedure took longer than expected, but he took care of it then and there. He said the healing process would probably be longer than a normal vasectomy, but that I was very fortunate that he caught it there. Otherwise, it would have probably shown up at the ER within a couple of days with significant swelling.

    That was all I had to go on. No specifics. Just expect maybe a longer recovery. I noticed one testicle had significantly more swelling than the other. After my left testicle’s swelling had subsided completely, about a week in, the right side had not shrunk at all. The right side was at least 2.5x the size of the left, maybe 3x. I saw my doctor a week after for him to check it out. He said it would take some time, but the swelling would go down. I was tender to the touch down there for a while. Also, any sustained activity beyond normal amounts of standing or walking for me brought increased soreness and dull pain that stayed there for maybe about 24 hours. So I could stand to do the dishes for about 15 minutes. But if I was standing or walking around for 30 minutes or more, I could feel the pain coming back. It took probably about 3-4 weeks before I could go back to the gym and do sustained physical activity without bringing about that pain. It took a while, but I think my testicle finally shrunk to normal size about 3 weeks in.

    One of my big concerns was sex. The doctor’s normal recommendation was to wait one week after the procedure. He told me to wait for two, just in case. So two weeks in, we tried it. It wasn’t painful during, but the following day, there was definitely increased pain/soreness. So we decided to give me a little extra time to heal before more of that, as I didn’t want to risk further injury. I tried again at three weeks—the same story. At four weeks, we were in the clear. Phew.

    At four weeks, I could do most physical activities with little problems. Anything with a lot of up and down (tennis) was not good. By six weeks, though, I could do everything without noticing anything. Only two problems from then on out. First was that I absolutely needed to wear supportive underwear: briefs or a jockstrap. If I wore boxer briefs or boxers for just one day, soreness started to return. Second, there could be no erm… fondling… from wifey of the testicles (everything else was A-okay) as it was too sore to the touch. Those two things lasted quite a while. They finally went away at five months, and I have been back to normal since then. Longer recovery than planned, but it was still worth it, in my opinion!

  11. Hi everyone, thanks for posting, and thank god I found this site. I’m afraid I have just joined this club. Had a vasectomy last Monday under general anesthetic, rested on Tuesday wearing a jockstrap taking painkillers – felt ok on Wednesday, so went back to work – mostly desk-based but quite a bit of walking – slight discomfort but just kept taking painkillers. Thursday at work was starting to feel a bit delirious and had a pretty huge swollen ball bag. I spoke to the wife and my mum, and they both said that it doesn’t sound right and to contact the hospital – thank god they did!

    I contacted the hospital, who advised me to go to their A and E department – waited 4 hours to be seen. They examined ‘it’ and took some blood to test… It turned out I had some crazy blood infection. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days on an IV drip and antibiotic course. I had an ultrasound, and doctors seemed not to worry but didn’t communicate much, so I took this as good news. Swelling went down a bit, and I built up the courage to have a bit of a look myself, but now I have 2 balls and 2 hematomas – it’s like having 4 balls (read some here have an extra one but an extra 2??!! Do I have the record or does someone have 5?) The one on the left is only grape size, but the one on the right is satsuma sized and appears to be attached to my right ball… glad to hear from you all that there are others in the same sad boat and that time will be needed before it all goes back to normal (ish).

    I thought this would be a quick and easy procedure and get me some brownie points with the missus – it turns out it will take months of me looking like the elephant man downstairs and, of course, the accompanying rib ache. I just hope all goes back to normal and that all the stuff down there still works (sex-wise) when next called upon! Otherwise, what was the bloody point? Good luck with your recoveries everyone!

  12. Hey guys, I had a vasectomy on 6-1-18. Things seemed fairly well after 2 days, so I went back to work on Monday (vasectomy was Friday). I was sore and walked funny but was able to work, that night it began to get really uncomfortable and swell, the following day I went to work for a few hours but came home to rest.

    That night I felt a lump in my sac, so I called the dr the next day. By this time, it was really uncomfortable. They told me I just probably overdid it on Monday, and to wait a few days. I waited another 2 days, but by this time after googling, I figured I had a hematoma. The doctor saw me and confirmed this… it was super tender, and he just grabbed ahold of it and squeezed it, he nearly got punched in the face… I had to go get an ultrasound to make sure it wasn’t stopping blood flow to my testicles, which it was not.

    After that night, it grew to maybe 3 times the size. At the time of examination, he told me I probably had 100 cc’s of blood in there… just thinking how much blood is in there now makes me light-headed. I was very active, working out 6 days a week for the past almost 2 years. I can barely move now and am just sitting around eating and getting fat again. It’s very depressing to read; it will take months to go away. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if it was just a large mass in my sack if it didn’t hurt and make it hard to walk. I just want to go to the gym again and workout and get these frustrations out. I own my own business, so I have to go to work, albeit I’m only staying a few hours.

    I’m wondering if once the pain is gone, can I go back to working out even if I have a baseball mass in my ball bag? I also have 3 kids, one of which is a 2-year-old and although my wife has been very sympathetic, I can’t do any fatherly things right now or help with anything, and I feel like a looser. My doctor was a new guy in the office, seems fairly young, and I’m thinking it was due to him being a newbie. He’s been very nice, and I can tell that he genuinely feels bad for me. If I knew this would happen, or had any idea it could happen, I wouldn’t have been so quick to do this.

  13. All these stories are amazing. I think I read through a couple of years’ worth, and it has definitely helped my anxiety about this whole thing. I recently had a vasectomy and have a hematoma about the same size as my testicle on the right side. It is extremely painful and makes anything I try to do a struggle. I have an appointment with my urologist tomorrow. Thank you all for sharing your experience and great advice.

  14. It’s now been almost three and a half months. I still have a much smaller hematoma. No pain at all, though. I can finally sleep comfortably on my side without having to stack three pillows between my legs. Even after the pain subsided, there was still no way to lay comfortably on my side.

    I still have to wear very supportive boxer-briefs, or my left nut gets tugged on too much, but I’ve been able to resume jogging, running… etc. It’s also still difficult to have sex, with much “aggression,” but I can otherwise perform as I could before with no change in ejaculate or sensation.

    All I can say is, I better be F’ing sterile after all of this!

  15. This page hasn’t had a comment in over six years but it’s, by far, the best thing I’ve come across when trying to assess my own situation. And trust me, I’ve been doing plenty of “when is my nut going to heal? Googling”. I have a similar story to most on here.

    Had my vasectomy (scalpel method) on Dec 22nd, 2017. About a half hour after my procedure I’m waiting in the car while my pain med prescription is being filled and I start feeling some serious pain in my left pubic area and it’s increasing fast. I assumed it was just the local anesthesia wearing off so I take one of the pain pills and my wife takes me home. By the time I get home a few minutes later, I’m hurting so bad I can barely get up our stairs to our bedroom. I figured I was just being a baby and I’d go lay down, ice the boys, and all will be better when I wake up.

    When I woke up, I was still hurting significantly. I got up to use the bathroom and I almost passed out when I saw my crotch. I’ve never actually experienced that “ringing in the ears” you get just before you black out, until this moment in my life. Thankfully, I didn’t actually hit the deck.
    Just like everyone has said on here, I’m super swollen, dark purple/black on my scrotum, penis, lower abdomen, butt, even around my left hip. I can feel the blood under the skin on my left thigh. It’s noticeably raised but not swollen. I’m thinking, “this CAN’T be normal”. By this time, the Urologist’s office that performed my procedure is closed, the next day is a Saturday. Closed. Then Sunday. Closed. Then Monday is Christmas. Closed. Great.

    I decided that I’m overreacting and this is only slightly off track. I didn’t appear to still be bleeding to death or anything so I attend Christmas with my family while wearing pajama pants, flip flops and an ice pack on my crotch without getting up from the couch the whole time. The pain was actually better for Christmas Eve and Christmas before it got fierce again after that. Must have been a Christmas gift just for me.

    After Christmas, I was back to barely being able to walk or stand. When I would stand up, it would feel like someone was very slowly driving a serrated knife into my left nut and groin. If I had to use the bathroom or get up for any reason, it was just excruciating the whole time until I could lay down back again.

    It’s now been almost two weeks. The “serrated knife” pain is noticeably better. It’s still pretty damn painful but I don’t have to stop and tense up my entire body to deal with it and it takes longer for it to set it when I stand up now. I seem to have a new pain (probably not new but more noticeable since the other pain is better) that I can only describe as an internal blister. Like that stinging, raw feeling you get when you have a blister on the back of your foot from friction….only it’s on the inside of my sac. I’m still definitely better though. I can get up, slowly “old-man hobble” over to my kitchen, grab some crackers and hobble back to the couch before the pain really starts to set in. This ability just started today. Prior to today, I’ve had to cup my left testicle with my hand in order to move anywhere or the pain was twice as bad. Now the pain is better regardless of whether my hand is providing support or not.

    At first it was hard to tell what was where inside the left side of my scrotum but now most of the swelling has subsided and it’s easier to differentiate where my testicle is in all the mess. It was still very gel-like and felt like swollen tissue during the first couple of days but now it’s hard like a tense muscle. The right side is doing just fine. It’s back to normal color, feels fine and hangs and tenses with temperature changes…etc. just like normal. The left side still looks swollen but it’s actually the hematoma surrounding 3/4 of my left nut. Like baby Jesus snuggled up in his little straw cradle. I’d say the whole left side is about the size of an avocado and my nut is the seed.

    Anyway, I may have written the longest comment on this whole page but I wanted to share my story/progress and maybe revive this page a little because I feel like it really helped me mentally to hear that this nightmare does pass and I just need to be patient. The one thing I still have a hard time gauging is how long the pain lasts. It sounds like, for the majority of the comments I read, the pain goes away and then you’re just carrying around an extra testicle for the next many months. I wish I had gotten a better sense of how long it took before the pain settled down and everyone could actually go back to their normal lives for the most part. I’m still unable to work or do anything around the house because I can’t stand to be on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time. It sounds like the pain went away for most everyone within a month or so. I’m hoping for sooner but planning for later.

    Thanks again to everyone who commented years ago on here and I’ll come back and update if this post stirs up anyone else.

    • Thanks for sharing, man! I’m on day seven with just a slight “3rd” testicle and a decent amount of residual pain, but nothing compared to most of these stories, and especially this last one! It sounds like sometimes some of us get nicked or sliced wrong, and some of us come home and lift something heavy that perhaps we shouldn’t (my self inflicted injury). So thanks to all of you, and especially “D’s nuts” for calming my nerves! The pain sucks, but hearing that it’s “normal” does help. Glad nothing will fall off…

      • Hi Tres nuts, thanks for commenting! It’s been ten days since my last post and I’m a little over three weeks in. Still getting better but walking and standing for any longer than a few minutes is still a challenge. The pain is much better but still unpleasant enough that I try to avoid being on my feet whenever possible.

        I had an ultrasound on Thursday and was supposed to get the results Friday but a winter weather event caused the Urologist’s office to close on Friday so now it’ll be Monday. I don’t expect the ultrasound to reveal anything that I don’t already know but I’d rather know now if there is something unexpected. The ultrasound tech was pretty alarmed and went to ask a radiologist if I should be admitted to the hospital rather than go back home. They decided not to keep me but very cryptically told me I would be hearing from them very soon.

        I’m pretty hopeful that by next week around this time I’ll be able to stand and walk with minimal discomfort and start getting back to my life, even though the hematoma is still a significant size, it’s definitely going down. It’s probably the size of a large egg now, although not a nice clean shape like that. It’s still kind of cradleish around my nut. I can’t say any one thing I’ve done has really helped other than rest. The pain would subside almost 100% with a warm bath (I think because of the weightlessness more than the warmth) but getting out of the tub was awful so it was pretty bitter sweet to take a bath.

        I’ll try to come back and update again in a week or two.

        Good luck!

        • Dz nuts, this has been great and helped a lot. I had mine done on the 11th of Jan it has been a long road so far mine is the size of a lime. It just firmed up in the last few days pain meds and laying down about 20 hours a day hope it gets better soon

          • Hey Lime! Thanks for posting. It’s been just a few days over a month since my vasectomy, but I’m finally getting back to my life. My pain is virtually non-existent. It’s more uncomfortable than pain, really. I’ve been back to work for a week, and I’ve resumed most of my daily activities. Still not brave enough for sex or working out yet, and I still walk a little funny just because the space between my legs is cramped, but otherwise, the misery has subsided!

            My ultrasound confirmed the hematoma, showed no blood flow restriction, and I should eventually be 100% again. Ibuprophen has helped more in the last week or two than it did early on. I’m still using very supportive boxer-briefs too. I know in the first 10 days, I felt like the pain was never going to get better, but once it finally got a little better, it got better at a pretty fast rate, so hang in there!

            My incisions are finally starting to close up, but every once in awhile, I can feel a sting from the tugging on that new skin. I’m guessing that’s going to look funny when the hematoma is totally gone, and the incisions are healed. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to give up on my dreams of being a testicle model.

            Also, when your sac is that stretched for that long, it will get chafed and irritated, so try to keep it moisturized as best you can. Mine got downright pissed off, and I think that could have been avoided with some preventative measures.

            Take care!

  16. Hi everyone, I’m so thankful I found this site.

    My husband had Testicular Fixation Surgery 10 days ago to fix Torsion. He’s still in extreme pain in one testicle. He can hardly walk, can’t sit on a chair, and can’t sleep on his side. The testicle is still very swollen, probably double its normal size. The surgeon was an absolute jerk and explained nothing about the operation, healing time, or possible complications. I’m now about 90% sure he has a hematoma.

    Thank you all so much for sharing your stories. There is definitely a huge lack of information about any of the testicular surgeries out there. I hope you all heal soon.

    Kind regards, Lisa.

  17. Now 114 days post hematoma, still a noticeable lump about the size of a grape—no pain at all except for the occasional ache, very few and far between. Still have a noticeable “blue balls feeling” in the testicles though extremely minor, hardly noticeable. Big bang at the end of sex used to feel regularly shortchanged now seems back to 100% past week or so.

  18. A vasectomy, an epididymectomy, and two hematomas later, I’m still in pain.

    I just had my epididymis R/S removed June 7th, yesterday, on my birthday, and found out my stitches didn’t close all the way and got infected. Also found out I have another hematoma. Since the wound didn’t stay closed, I’m now leaking blood and fluid out of the wound, and all they do is prescribe me Cipro and Percocet. When I say leaking, I do mean leaking like if I don’t wear a manpad (tampon), everything will be soaked with blood. I’m in so much pain… I’m to the point where they cant have these balls since I can’t have kids anyway.

    Mind you, I am currently employed by the military and can no longer do my job. Ex infantry now a truck driver. Walking for extended periods of time kills me, jumping and all that other crap that I’m required to do *** sucks. On 29th, I find out if I’ll have the L/S epididymis removed. Great, huh…

    • Aaron, That is about the worst case I’ve ever heard. I pray you get better! At 105 days my hematoma is just getting into the final stages of absorption.

  19. Here we go to week 3. Things are shrinking considerably. My hematoma is probably the size of a small orange now. I got through my first day without wearing a jockstrap to hold things in place and will hopefully be back at the gym next week. Yahoo!

  20. Hi all. I am so glad I found this website, I thought I would be suffering in silence.

    Had my vasectomy on Thursday 9th June, seemed to go ok apart from a sharp shooting pain on the right-hand side when the doc cut something. I was told by the nurse I “oozed a little” but thought nothing of it. The next day was not too bad, and I had my feet up all day, but come Friday night, the pain started, right-hand side mainly, and I did not sleep a wink. By late morning Saturday, I was at breaking point and went to the local hospital, the doctor took a look and suspected a small hematoma on the right side and gave me some codeine, went home straight to bed for two days.

    I have no swelling to speak of or bruising, but my right side is very achy and spreads through my hip and leg. I went back to the doctor’s office today, and he prescribed penicillin as he says he can feel a small hematoma about the size of a cherry. I am trying ibuprofen and paracetamol to see if this will help with the pain.

    I have taken comfort in some of your stories, so many thanks all. My wife is giving me much TLC as she feels very sad for me, so I intend to milk it as much as possible. I will keep you posted on my situation.

  21. I had my procedure on May 31st. The next day I noticed that things had swollen up a lot. I went to my GP on Friday to see what was up, and he confirmed a hematoma. My procedure was to remove an epididymal cyst, which was quite large. I tried to see my urologist, but he wouldn’t see me. He just phoned and said that this was really common and that it should subside in about a month.

    This site has helped me more than either my GP or the urologist. Advice about wearing a jockstrap and ibuprofen for inflammation has been very valuable. Thanks to all who have posted. Our collective pain is somehow comforting.

    • Hi All! Here it is now 13 days since my procedure, and the swelling has gone down a lot. Unfortunately, the hematoma is still there. I’m still looking for my right testicle, I’m sure it’s in there, but I can’t tell what’s my nut and what’s the hematoma.

      I’m sure reading this site is hilarious to anyone not experiencing this problem, for those who are, hang in there, brothers. Things are getting better every day, even if you can’t notice it.

      • Derrick, That’s concerning your Doctor said it was really common, I was told and have believed it only affects 5% of those having work down there. Anyway, hang in there, it does get better.

        Mine’s still not completely gone even after 98 days. The Dr checked it out after two months and verified it was clotted blood, but it feels more like an enlarged tube of sorts.

  22. I got a vasectomy on the 27th of May, by the evening of that day I was in the emergency room with my scrotum as big as yam and black. I was released and back on Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon. I am black from my sack, penis, and left side of my hip. I am so sore I can’t walk but a few feet at a time.

    I saw my surgeon, and he said these things happen and was sorry. But what the frick, I will be on my back of weeks, its been 7 days since my operation and can’t walk or for that matter do much of anything. I am so very mad. It’s so painful to walk, stand, or do anything. The doctor says it maybe 8 weeks until I am better… 8 f**** weeks… I am so pissed off…

    • Chris, so sorry to hear about your medical issues. I went back to work after 5 days, but the only way I could have done that was by having a sit-down desk job. And to sit at a lean. If I had to stand or do much activity or sit straight up would have been too painful. Probably three weeks minimum. Again, sorry to hear.

    • Damn, Chris, sorry to hear that, but you have a long road ahead. I had my vasectomy on 5/18. By that night, I had the exact same symptoms. Yam-sized sack on the left side and bruised from under my testicle all the way up to my hip. Today is June 8th, and I am still out of work with a baseball-sized sack. The doctor said surgery is an option, but 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinion said to wait it out. I’m not letting another scalpel near my nuts again. Fortunately, I work for a large company and can still collect all my pay. I truly regret this decision. Hang in there man only time, and Percocet will help.

  23. I had one drained and then developed one even bigger from the incision. Actually, mine was “removed.” If I could go back, I would have just let it dissolve on its own. I’m still waiting for the second one to go away.

  24. I’m really glad to have found this website. I went under the knife on May 12th for a reversal. On May 13th, the doctor checked me out, and all was well. About an hour later, the pain and swelling became OMG! Grapefruit size in a few hours. Now a week later, flat on my back most of the time—ice packs and rest. Walking is almost unbearable.

    I am using some herbal mud packs 4-5 times a day, which reduces the pain and inflammation for a few hours. Rest and mud pack again, sunshine, and a lot of fluid to drink. Have an acupuncturist coming tomorrow. The doctor says, ride it out. It’s on my right side about the size of an egg. I have bruising from the pubic bone all the way down to the mid-thigh. Wow, what a ride. This is definitely an initiation to some sort of secret warriors club.

    • Hi Kelly, how are you doing now?

      My husband had a reversal on May 9th, and he had developed a hematoma. It has been two and a half weeks, and he is still in so much pain. It seems like he stopped bleeding because the swelling is not getting worse.

      Are you still in a lot of pain? My husband’s doctor said that if he still hurts by tomorrow, he wants to drain it, but we are not sure if that is such a good idea. Thanks, please let me know. Did your doctor give you any idea when the pain stops? Thanks.

      • Hi sainaa, it’s steadily getting better. I have had 4 acupuncture treatments. Each treatment helps a bit with the pain, and the hematoma started bleeding out of the incision site. The doctor says better out than in. I change the dressing several times a day. I have consulted with several urologists and two Chinese herbalists. I am taking massive amounts of herbal supplements and enzymes to promote healing. My favorite company for products is called Premire research labs. They have several different products to help circulation. It’s all about circulation. The better the circulation, the faster the blood clot will melt. As I said, mine is draining on its own, and I am not sure what it would be like to have it drained by the doc. Let me know how that goes. The same company makes a product called medi magma. A blend of clay powders that you mix with water and apply as a paste. It has a drawing quality that helps with inflammation and circulation. I can now be on my feet several hours a day. I own my own business, and I will work a few hours then rest a few hours. At this point, it’s a matter of time. It is improving and certainly testing my patience.

  25. Hi All, I just wanted to update and give hope to all those who need to walk this path.

    I’m about 3 months since the surgery, and besides the occasional soreness, I feel great. The hematoma is the size of a grape or so. It seems to get smaller by the week and really does not have any effect on my daily routines. I have been back to the gym and work full blast with no side effects. I’m a kickboxer, so the workouts are tough and glad to say its great to go back. Also, everything in the bedroom is intact, and actually, I think the big bang @ the end is even better and more.

    At the end of the day, I do think the surgery was a success and worth it. For those of those to read this and in a bad way, just be patient, relax and play a lot of video games while you can’t move. It will get better. Good Luck!

  26. Has anyone here decided to exercise with an existing hematoma? My doctor has advised me not to. My hematoma is currently shrunken to about the size of a grape. I was just wondering if weight lifting and cardio exercises will make the situation worse. Thanks!

  27. Update to 25 August and 3 September 2010. Return of the Jedi.

    Okay, so here we are 10 months later after the op (end of June 2010). I am pleased to say that despite having a hematoma that measured 8cm x 5cm x 4cm (in July 2010), I am now virtually back to normal. I had a scan at the start of February (2011), and the clot had shrunk to around 2.5cm x 2.0cm x 1.5cm – It’s gotten smaller ever since, and I would suspect it’s now the size of a small cherry as opposed to the kiwi fruit that it once was.

    So, I guess the good news is that the clot will disappear of its own accord; our sex life has improved ;-), and I had some stories to tell around the dinner party table for a while… and still will have for the rest of my life.

    Thanks to whoever set up this site, it is a godsend, and frankly, this web address should be given out to every guy should they have complications. I’m not sure it would do good pre-op reading though… Good luck, gentlemen!

  28. I had a vasectomy on 12 Feb 2011. I had huge swelling after a couple of days, and the pain was terrible. I could barely walk for about 2 weeks—used loads of ice for relief and to keep down the swelling. Wearing the ‘speedos’ does help when you get back on your feet. I took anti-inflammation medications for about 4 weeks after.

    Now almost 3 months on, I still have what seems like a third testicle, but it seems to be getting gradually smaller, but very very very slowly. The good thing is that I don’t have any pain now, and most importantly, I won’t be able to have any more kids. I have done my part for mankind and would need a lottery win if I did not go for the “snip.” I’m hoping that over time the ‘extra testicle’ will disappear.

  29. Chad, how large was your hematoma starting off? I have one that is currently about the size of a walnut and am wondering how long this may take to go away. I’ve had it for two weeks now. Thanks.

  30. I also have been squeezing blood from my hematoma for the past two days. My question is if I squeeze the blood out, will more blood just take its place? It seems like an easy solution, but I don’t want to prolong the problem.

  31. My last post was 10 days ago, and I’m happy to say the pain has reduced significantly. The swelling and discomfort are still there, but I am able to return to work and can sit down and drive without wanting to pass out. I hope my recovery keeps going at this rate, as I would love to be able to return to the gym soon. The clot seems to loosen then harden at certain times, but I guess this is part of the process, and I am just trying to be patient as possible.

    Adam-I have a similar situation with the incision not healed yet, and my doctor said the same thing. He said it was good for the blood clot to drain out, and it would close in time. I also have to change the dressing a couple of times a day. I have noticed the incision is getting smaller by the day, and the bleeding is lessening also. The only worry is not to let it get infected. I’m on a cycle of Amoxocylin for this.

  32. This website has offered some comfort to my discomfort. I had the vasectomy on February 18 while I was having a hernia repaired. I experienced extreme swelling and bruising on both incision sites. I had my follow up appointment one week later on February 25. I asked the doctor if I could take a bath at that time, and he informed me I could. I took a bath the next morning, and my vasectomy site began bleeding for the first time. Eleven days have passed since my bath, and the bleeding has not let up at all. I have to change the dressing over the vasectomy about 5 times a day. After calling the doctor twice, he finally agreed to see me again. He informed me that I had a hematoma, which I already knew. He also said to let the blood continue draining until it stopped naturally.

    My left testicle is still the size of an apple, but that is the least of my worries. I am tired of the continued bleeding. My doctor assured me it would stop on its own, but it hasn’t subsided in 11 days. Is there anything I can do to stop the bleeding? Has anyone else experienced the same problems?

  33. I’m the newest member of the club and not too happy about it. However, finding out that this is a minor setback in the grand scheme of things helps. A similar story to most, I had an NSV done last Thursday, the 24th of February.

    Felt great after the doctor knocked me out and was in and out in 1/2 hour. About 2 hours out had melon balls. I iced them over the weekend and just rested. I forced myself out to work at the beginning of the week. I own my own construction business, so it was pretty bad. I went home early on Wednesday as the pain was becoming unbearable to the point I needed to bite my hand to keep from crying… I have been in some pain before, ranging from major cuts, falls, and even severing my own finger in a construction accident at age 16. This is definitely up there with the pain factor. I went to the doctor today and got diagnosed with the scrotal hematoma, which at this point, I already knew. He said it would resolve itself in a month or so. He offered no explanation or sympathy… just the usual take some pain meds and get lost… I definitely would have given it some more thought if I knew this was in store…

    I called a buddy who’s brother is a urologist in another state for some consultation, and he said this is pretty common if you don’t rest for about 1-2 weeks after the surgery. I just wished this was disclosed to me rather than the 3 days, and you’ll be out dancing bull****.

    Now there is not much left to do but lay down and pass the time. I am glad I found this site as it offers me some hope in a time when I needed it, and I know I’m not alone… Hey, if anyone can post after about positive results, if so, that would be great.

  34. Thanks for all the information, everyone, because the doctor does not seem to be too concerned. How do I know if I have a hematoma or sperm granuloma, my lump is almost testicle size on the left side above the testicle. I had the vasectomy done on 28/1/11. It has been very painful and has only been helped by antibiotics. I have made improvements from swelling, but lump stays the same.

  35. I had the procedure done on “day 0” everything seemed ok. On “day 8” I noticed a third nut basically… like one of my testicles had a twin. I went to the doctor on “day 12” because it wasn’t going away, he gave me more antibiotics and strong anti-inflammatory medication.

    Today is “day 15,” and I am still in mild pain. I’m waiting it out and taking the meds… just iced my balls and it felt good. It seems to be getting a little bigger but nothing like some of these guys’ stories. Ouch! I will keep you updated.

  36. Hi guys, I went for the vasectomy Monday 14th Jan. After leaving the hospital about 30 mins later had a sharp shooting pain, checked to see if all was ok and found my left testicle had enlarged quite a lot. I phoned NHS directly who said it was an absolute emergency and to get medical help asap, so in a panic, I went, and on inspection, the doctor said I had a very large hematoma (about the size of a large grapefruit) on my left-hand side. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt before. He then sent me to the surgeon who had done the operation, who confirmed what it was. He said all I could do was take painkillers and go to bed for a week or so. So I did, and the pain was still quite dramatic.

    It has now been 8 days since the operation, and it’s still the size of a large orange. The pain has now started to ease. I have try to stay off my feet for at least another week. I am also wearing three pairs of tight pants, which seems to help alot…(gravity not my friend at the moment). I also got very constipated as I could not strain to do anything.

    Hopefully, I am over the worst of the pain, and the doctor says it will take months for it to go away altogether, but I should be back in work in about 2/3 weeks from now. I have also been taking medicine to get bowels moving hope this works as not been to empty for 8 days now.

    Good luck to all who have this, and one more thing: Guys, don’t forget to milk it for all you can! After all, we didn’t have to do this. We did it for you know who!

    I will try to keep you up to date on further developments.


    Hey guys, same deal, scrotal haematoma and EXTREME amount of pain. I definitely would have thought long and hard about having a vasectomy if I knew that I’d be in this much pain for so long!

    However, I have found two things that have really helped with the pain. Firstly I have been using 100mg Voltaren suppositories, which have made a huge difference. Tablets are OK, but I haven’t found anything that treats the local area better than the suppositories. Where previously I haven’t been able to get out of bed, I’m able to walk around virtually pain-free, just an awareness that the problem is there… Which is probably a good thing otherwise I’d be tempted to do too much.

    The other thing I’ve been doing to help with the external skin irritation (that can occur where the scrotal sac gets red, inflamed, weepy, and flakey) is regular 20-minute warm baths with a few caps of tea tree oil and a couple of handfuls of salt. It seems to have really helped with cleaning up the irritation.

    Anyway I hope this helps – best of luck and I feel your pain!!


  38. From what I have read, my hematoma is not as bad as some people have described. I had my vasectomy on Oct 4th. On Oct 8th, I developed a hematoma. My scrotum was swollen and very bruised. I went to the doctor on Oct 11th, who prodded and squeezed my balls, and gave me more antibiotics—left in more pain compared to when I arrived. On Oct 14th, I started to notice an improvement. Going from a lying to a standing position is no longer painful, but it is still painful to take more than just a few steps.

    It’s now Oct 16th, and I feel a little better again. Bruising looks a lot better. I now just have a little bruising at the base of the penis and a little bruising on the right side of my scrotum, which is where most of the pain is coming from. Going back to the doctor again on Tuesday, Oct 19th, so I am sure he will make things worse when he decides to squeeze my balls. I will post another update after my visit to the doctor.

  39. This site has been extremely helpful. I have learned more from this site than from my doctor and multiple nurses. (And I am a proactive consumer.)

    Everything I heard previously was that this was a minor out-patient procedure. The initial consultation focused entirely on my decision to have the procedure (Are you sure you don’t want any more children?). Like many of you, I was NOT told of the possible complications or what to expect if I did have complications. The one thing I was told about recovery: If you have a desk job, then you can go to work the next day. As a result, I figured I was in for smooth sailing after a couple of days. Trickery! Trickery! Trickery!

    The actual procedure was low key. The procedure took about 30-40 minutes. I was totally surprised when my scrotum was swollen to the size of a large grapefruit, and 90 percent was a dark purple for the first several days. Pain and discomfort were UNBEARABLE. Discoloration and bruising extended to the groin and across the pelvis to my left hip. As the swelling went down on about day six, I self-diagnosed that I had developed a hematoma on my left side. At first, the hematoma was about the size of a walnut, then the size of a large lemon. The bleeding extended from my scrotum into my pelvis.

    I went in for a follow-up about a week after the procedure. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, and I was crying in the examination room. Response? No doctor came to see me, just a nurse. Told not to worry, as it would take care of itself and go away in 1-4 weeks. Take some ibuprofen for the pain.

    Much of the pain has subsided, but the discomfort and uncertainty are still problems. I am really disappointed in the medical service I received from Group Health. While a medical team can’t control everything, they should be able to provide better information about the procedure and the risks. If I had understood that these complications were a possibility, I would not have had it done. My wife just about vomited at the site of my scrotum, and I feel horrible (physically and mentally). I am now facing a long, multi-month recovery to allow the hematoma to “go away on its own.”

    My advice… don’t get a vasectomy unless you think about these points that are not on the one-pager they give you at the clinic:

    1. Can I take a MINIMUM one week off of work to rest on my back in bed after I have the surgery? Can I take more time off of work, 1-2 months, when there are complications? Can I work from home?

    2. Can you handle being useless and out of commission for an extended period of time? (i.e., if there are complications, can you put your life on hold for a month or longer?)

    3. Understand that you may NOT lift, carry, wrestle with, or give bear hugs to your kids for over a month. If you do, then you risk hematoma.

    4. Make sure your wife understands what is at risk and what is going on throughout. (I got my vasectomy for her because I wanted to be a team player.)

    5. If you decide to do it, then talk with your doctor extensively to make sure he/she is a serious pro with lots of experience. Be a proactive consumer.

    6. Make no travel plans for 3 months. No exceptions.

    7. Prepare yourself mentally. The literature/handouts I found in my research does not accurately reflect the number of cases that experience complications, and no literature explains the possible cases as described on this website.

  40. Boy, am I glad I found this site. I must be the latest member of the club. I had my vasectomy (right side) and epididymectomy (left side) on Oct 4th, and 4 days later, at lunchtime, I was talking to my wife when I had a sharp pain in my right testicle (where I had the vasectomy). An hour later, my scrotum looked very swollen. I went to the ER, but they just told me how common this was after a vasectomy and told me to go home, rest, and continue my antibiotics and pain meds.

    On Monday I saw my urologist. I didn’t say anything about a hematoma, but I am pretty sure that’s what I have. Told me to take a warm bath twice a day, rest, and prescribed more antibiotics. It’s painful for me to get up and walk, my scrotum is swollen to about 3 times its normal size, and looks blue and purple. My doctor didn’t say anything about ibuprofen or aspirin. I have another appointment to see him next Tuesday. Luckily, I am a University professor, teaching just online classes until Christmas. Hopefully, by January, I will be ok to return to work (hopefully before then).

    One question I have is how long does it take for the pain to become bearable. My job is mostly an office job, but I have a 5-minute walk after parking my car. I’m wondering when I can return to work because I have an important deadline in mid-November. I will try and post weekly updates, as well.

  41. Thanks to all of you for the posts. My husband went in for his vasectomy 2 weeks ago… he took it pretty easy for 4 days and returned to work on restricted duties. Right after the procedure, he said that the right side felt way different than the left. 3 days later, most of the swelling was gone, but he had a ball the size of a ping pong ball on the right side that he said was very painful. He continued to go to work when he came home, he would be in pain, but then he would lay down and put warm compresses on it, and that seemed to make it much better. He also has been taking ibuprofen with it.

    I will definitely have him read this because he is very concerned that he has a much worse problem. Of course, the doctors are unconcerned, and I had to even call and get kind of nasty with them in order to get an appointment. I think that this is more common than they make it seem. In fact, nothing was ever mentioned to us about it before the procedure. We were both under the impression that he would be fine and pain-free several days later. I am so happy that I found this… at least we know what to look forward to!

  42. I re-started “live firing” about six weeks after the operation; I guess it depends on how you feel – take it easy and see how it goes. On the gym side, I’m working out the upper body, no cardio (i.e., running) – I go swimming instead, which the doctor said would be absolutely fine. I’d be inclined to leave it a full month before going to the gym, especially as you have had some issues.

  43. I had my vasectomy on August 20. During the procedure, the doctor couldn’t seem to get my left side numb. After a few injections of pain meds, I told him to just go ahead and get in over with. The right side went very smoothly and free of pain. The nurses commented to the recovery nurse that “we” had a little trouble with the left side. I went back to work on the following Monday and work through lunch on Thursday of that week. I was miserable. I went to see the doctor, and he advised that I have a hematoma (yes, he squeezed my nuts). The hematoma seemed to migrate from near the base of my penis and came to rest on top of my left testicle (about the same size as my testicle).

    As of September 1, the pain has all but gone away. However, I’ve not gone back to work since the discovery of the hematoma. I’m planning on the recovery lasting about six months, thanks to this site. I had discussed removing the hematoma with my doctor and left it up to me. As tempted as I was, after reading some of the advice on this site, I’ve decided to try and wait it out. I believe I’m pretty lucky compared to some of you guys. I only have a few questions. When can I resume normal sexual relations and when can I start working out again? I lift heavy and don’t do much running or cardio right now. Any advice?

  44. I had a vasectomy two months ago. The doctor started with an incision on to the right of my scrotum and had a go at the right-hand tube; this was apparently quite easy. We then moved onto the left hand one, not so easy. Pulling, pushing, rummaging around as if he was looking for something that had fallen behind the back of a sofa.

    The surgery nurse commented afterward that I might be sore, especially on the left-hand side. She wasn’t wrong there. I also told me that I needed to have a sperm test done in 3 months’ time and therefore needed to ejaculate at least 30 times. It would have been challenging at best, given that I am married and have kids ;-), but what subsequently happened is that my balls then swelled to the size of a large pomegranate. Very uncomfortable, and the 30 ejaculation target still has some way to go. I took some Ibuprofen and Oramorph after the procedure. I was still chomping down ibuprofen. Pain ok, balls not. It eventually became apparent that I have a large hematoma on my left testis – which is now stabilized but is the size of a lemon.

    Have seen crappy consultant who was broadly uninterested, gave my crown jewels a hard squeeze (“ooh, sorry Sir, did that hurt?” No, you a**hole, I just love having that done). Prognosis is that it will get better, but it will take a while. The junior doctor that I subsequently saw on a follow-up visit told me (having asked him), that it would take anything up to 18 months (yes, eighteen months) for the hematoma to finally go. They could operate but seem to suggest that this is risky at best and unlikely to be 100% successful – so, looks like I will have to wait it out.

    As a contraceptive procedure, the vasectomy has proved remarkably efficient, and I suppose given that intercourse, with a small citrus fruit wedged in your scrotum, is hardly conducive to one’s confidence and libido. If you do have the procedure done, put your feet up for at least 3 days; take plenty of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen); pack your balls in ice and don’t move around too much. Drink heavily if it all goes wrong. So cheers. All the best. MC

  45. Has anyone here completely recovered from it? How big was your hematoma, and how long did it take? How many days until the pain subsides?

  46. Hi people, I’ve been off work for a week. The doctor gave 1 month’s sick leave. I had the operation on 30/6/10, and it’s the worst thing I ever did, the pain is unreal! I had mine done by a GP, locally. No one gave me an option to go to a real specialist/surgeon – I was severely underinformed with my options. I was told this could happen, but when it was mentioned, I don’t think enough emphasis was put on the risks and the self-care recovery.

    Reading some of your stories, it seems no one has heard of scrotal hematomas and how do treat them and how long do they last. I got this for at least 6 months. It’s the size of an egg on my right testicle, and the pain is the worst in the groin area as if I was kicked down there, hope that goes away quickly.

    Been searching for information online for a couple of hours now, and this site is the only thing I’ve found I can relate to. Thank you for the pictures and posting experiences of other men. It helps a lot.

    If you’re looking into getting a vasectomy – don’t do it! Thanks, Lee.

  47. I had my vasectomy Friday, May 7th. I was informed about the small chance of hematoma beforehand by the doctor. I think he did a good job of making the statistics higher.

    The surgery lasted about an hour. He was constantly pulling down on my nuts, made a comment that they were slippery suckers. Even with novocaine, I was ready to crawl out of my skin. He started with the right side, and it took way longer than the left side. He told me that I was stupid for not having my wife tie her tubes, and He himself would never have a vasectomy surgery. Too bad because I would gladly perform it on him for no fee. Due to the fact that I was nervous, It was his job to try and pull my nuts out of my sac, and if I couldn’t handle it, he would not continue with the surgery. Dumb as I was, I dealt with the pain and practically swallowed my tongue. The doctor had two incisions on my sac, and in the end, He glued my nut sac back together.

    I left the hospital, being numb from the anesthetic, only to get home and be in major pain within an hour. I laid on the couch with my ice sac, and I did nothing else except mourn in pain, trying to follow doctor’s orders. I went to the bathroom within a couple of hours from the surgery to find that out that I had a huge red grapefruit nut sac, and I was swelled up to my waste. I could barely perform bathroom procedures. I took advil that night and eventually started sleeping after an intense case of sweats and unbearable pain.

    Day 2, I awoke in less pain, but I could not take it very long on my feet; going to the bathroom was pushing it. I now have a black and blue grapefruit sac with the right side being even bigger. I have continued to keep ice on it and take advil. Nothing seems to help in reducing the swelling, but it hurts more if I don’t keep up the ice, and it appears to swell more intense if I do not keep the ice on it. I took a hot shower before the end of day 2 in which I felt the raindrops in a whole differently painful way, and the pain seems to increase with the heat.

    Day 3 has not changed much. I thought I could get up and walk it off only to find out that it doesn’t work, back to lying down with ice packs, and still taking advil. It is currently day 4, and I am missing work that I did not plan on missing due to the fact that I self Imployed and on cement all day, which I know cannot take because I still can’t take standing for a long period of time. Lying down, icing, and advil in moderation seems to be the only things helping me. I have been drinking a lot of fluids in which I believe might be helping some. My urine has gone from an obnoxious odor to where it’s back to normal, and I am feeling better.

    If it was not for this website, I would’ve gone back to the doctor in which I’m sure he would try to hurt me again; let me guess, he’s going to grab my nuts and pull on them. I am going to wait it out, thanks to all of the advice on this website. It really does help to hear the stories of other victims. Hopefully, time and good behavior will get me back to normal

  48. I had mine done on the 21st of April. The first few hours were not too bad. That night there was already pretty bad bruising well my whole sac, penis and pubic area. The next day there was a nut size hematoma on my left side and was about the size of a grapefruit.

    Like most people followed up with, the doctor told the same thing: to wait and take Motrin, which I cant take due to a bad stomach ulcer—still having very bad pain. The cut on the right side never healed and is oozing a lot, but not any blood. I am having a lot of pain like in my hips in addition to the rest of the getting kicked in the ball’s pain, of course.

    Has anyone had this before (the pain in the hips and back) or what? Seeing the doctor to discuss the draining of this or dealing with the pain since he is so damn stingy with the pain meds and stopped them at 20 # 5 Lortabs check back. Thanks!

  49. I just had a vasectomy on the 15th of this month, same as all of you guys here I’m suffering from extreme pain in my testicles as if a Clydesdale kicked me in my scrotum. Well, 2 days after my surgery, my wife had to drive me to the hospital because my testicles were the size of baseballs.

    Well, they did an ultrasound and came to find out I developed a blood clot (“hematoma) which they don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take to go away. I follow up with the Urologist today, and it seems all he did was apologize the whole entire time and tell me that I could do is to wait it out. I am in so much pain is ridiculous; morphine at the hospital did absolutely nothing at all. They gave me another narcotic that is at least 10 times stronger than morphine, and that did nothing, every time I walk, it feels as if my insides have been ripped apart from my body. I’m taking two weeks off from work and hoping that the pain subsides. Other than just waiting, doctors told me that they would not cut me up to get the “hematoma” out because of the risk of infection.

    So here’s the summary; went to the doctor to make sure that I couldn’t get my wife pregnant anymore but came home with my balls the size of baseballs and a big extra large lump in the middle of my sack, plus pain that can’t be controlled with anything. I would say that this experience was not worth it at all. I wish I would have read first and then made my decision to go with the surgery, which would have never happened. Now I’m pissed off, with pain, and with giant balls.


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