SpermCheck Vasectomy Home Test Kit Review

SpermCheck Vasectomy is an FDA approved home sperm testing kit. It comes with two tests and is designed to allow men to check their post-vasectomy sperm count from the comfort of their own home.

SpermCheck is available on and most major drugstores.

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The need for a post vasectomy sperm check

While it’s best to have laboratory sperm count tests performed in accordance with the doctor’s post-vasectomy instructions, the reality is that many men never return for a sperm analysis after their procedure. This is a very bad idea because 1) a man can still impregnate his partner after the operation due to residual sperm in the vas deferens and 2) a very small percentage of vasectomies aren’t successful.

A post-vasectomy sperm test ensures that the man is completely sterile following his operation. For more on this topic, see our article on post vasectomy sperm analysis.

Why don’t men return for testing?

Men may not return for a follow up test for any number of reasons. Perhaps they read about the very high success rates of vasectomy and decide the test isn’t really necessary, or maybe they just don’t like the deal of ejaculating into a cup and rushing it to a lab. This is understandable, but it’s no excuse to skip the test altogether.

Why SpermCheck?

For men who feel a laboratory administered sperm test is too inconvenient or embarrassing, a home sperm test kit is a reasonable alternative.

At the time of publication, SpermCheck is the only FDA approved product for doing this test at home. According to one study, the test was 96% accurate in determining if a man was sterile or not, and 100% in agreement with laboratory tests.

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