Typical vasectomy recovery pictures from surgery to day 8

These pictures show the first week of a typical vasectomy recovery, all the way from pre-shave to day eight. This patient experienced minimal bruising and swelling.

This set of images also offers a good example of a very minimal midline incision which healed very well.

Our contributor says: “As you can see I had an uneventful vasectomy experience, very little swelling and almost no bruising. I did not take any pain medications before, or after the vasectomy but I did find comfort wearing an athletic supporter for six days after the vasectomy.”

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Before preop shave
Before shaving.

After preop shave
After shaving

Immediately after vasectomy
Just hours after the vasectomy operation.

24 hours post vasectomy
24 hours after the vasectomy.

3 days after vasectomy
3 days after the vasectomy.

Typical vasectomy recovery 4 days after
4 days after the vasectomy.

5 days after vasectomy
5 days after the vasectomy.

6 days after vasectomy
6 days after the vasectomy.

Typical vasectomy recovery 8 days after
8 days after the vasectomy.

Vasectomy recovery jock strap
The supporter recommended.

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