Image of normal healing of vasectomy incision

This image shows normal healing of a vasectomy incision after approximately one week.

Contributor’s comments

I’ve attached a picture of my healing process – feel free to share this picture on your website. I hope that this can help other men feel more comfortable about the procedure. I had my vasectomy done on Friday morning, now it is Wednesday evening.

Vasectomy incision healing close-up after 6 days
Vasectomy incision healing close-up after 6 days

I have a small amount of bruising at the base of my penis and the incision in my scrotum is healing. There is currently some discomfort (itching mostly) with the healing of the incision but it is certainly manageable.

The soreness from the procedure lasted a few days but was manageable with Tylenol and ice for the first two days. From day three on, Tylenol was sufficient. Today the Tylenol has not been necessary, but I’ll wait a few more days before attempting to ride my bicycle again.”

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