Vasectomy Information Forums Has my vasectomy reversal failed?

Has my vasectomy reversal failed?

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  • BillyYoungGun

    Is it possible that in an older man (52) recovery from a VV procedure and consequently sperm return into ejaculate could take longer than the normal 6 mos, ie 8 months or more? Short of having a redo procedure, is there any way to make an intelligent guess as to whether a VV procedure failed due to improper connections and/or scar-down or if a VE procedure was called for and not performed?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Normally, sperm should return to the ejaculate in 3 months on average after a vasectomy reversal, but it can take as long as 12 months. A course of anti-inflammatories is recommended in this situation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell if the vasectomy failed or an epididymovasostomy was required, but not performed, without another operation (re-do vasectomy reversal). If no sperm is seen in the ejaculate after 12 months then consideration should be given to a re-do vasectomy reversal.

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