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Orgasms after vasectomy

This article focuses specifically on orgasms after vasectomy. For more on this topic, see our articles on post-vasectomy ejaculations and sex drive after vasectomy.

A man who has a successful vasectomy will not notice any change in his orgasms after the operation.

During the healing process a man’s orgams may produce some discomfort due to the intense muscle contractions in the genital area. Once a man’s bruising and swelling has subsided, his orgasms will be no different than they were before the operation.

Concerns about post-vasectomy orgasms

A common concern many men have regarding vasectomy is that their orgasms won’t be as strong or intense after the operation. This concern over having a “weak orgasm” is understandable, but there is simply no medical evidence suggesting that vasectomy has any effect on the intensity or duration of a man’s orgasm.

While the methods of vasectomy vary depending on the doctor performing the operation, the basic procedure is the same: A small section of the vas deferens is removed, preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate. Removing this tiny length of “plumbing” does not affect the sensitivity of the penis or the pleasure centers of the brain responsible for orgasm.

It’s true that overall amount of ejaculate a man produces will be reduced by 2% to 5% after a vasectomy, but this figure irrelevant because ejaculation is not what creates the pleasurable sensation felt during an orgasm.  Orgasmic pleasure is controlled by processes in the brain and is not a result of the physical act of ejaculation.

It’s also important to note that this small decrease in ejaculatory volume is not enough to be noticable by a man or his partner under casual circumstances.

For more on this topic, see our article about ejaculations after vasectomy.

What to do if you’re still having issues

There is no evidence demonstrating that a normal, successful vasectomy has an impact on orgasms or sex drive. However, complications arising from a problematic vasectomy may lead to sexual dysfunction.

If you are experiencing sexual issues after healing completely from a vasectomy, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

Age and sexual dysfunction

Men who are having sexual issues years after a vasectomy may assume that the vasectomy is the cause of their problems.

While this mindset is understandable, men must remember that as they get older they become more likely to experience sexual issues regardless of whether or not they’ve had a vasectomy.

Statistically speaking, male sexual problems are increasingly more prevalent with age. Having a vasectomy does not increase or decrease the likelihood that a man will develop a problem later on in life.

For more on the affects of aging on male sexual functions, see our article on sex drive after a vasectomy.


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