Vasectomy operation day: What to expect

What preparations do I need to make?

Ask your Doctor what his preference is on this one, as it does vary between doctors. If your doctor wants you to shave, you need to shave your scrotum and up to the base of the penis. It’s usually best to do this the night before in the bath/shower – you might be nervous on the day and slip! Use wet shaving, as using an electric razor can cause a shaving rash, causing doctors to delay the surgery. The advice from the newsgroup section discusses preparations.

What should I wear on the day?

Loose trousers and supportive underwear. Jogging pants and jockstrap is the most practical outfit according to posters. Don’t forget to wear a shirt as well!Advice from the newsgroup

Can I drive myself home after the procedure?

No. You may feel physically able to, but you will have had an anesthetic, and maybe a pre-operation sedative. These could impair your ability to react when driving.

Can I do sports straight afterwards?

Very bad idea! You should take things easy for a few days, but tell your doctor what sports you do and take the advice. www.cyclingnews.com have a page where cyclists report back on their recovery and return to cycling afterwards that some may find interesting.

What do I tell the kids / parents / friends etc.?

Do you need to tell anyone anyway? Who you tell is ultimately your decision, but if you do decide to tell people it’s a good idea to plan your approach, and the level of detail you will go into in advance. We have heard tales of awkward questions causing loss of speech and choking on corn flakes over breakfast!! Advice from the newsgroup

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