Vasectomy alternatives

This page is out of date and does not reflect recent research on vasectomy alternatives and male birth control options. An update is scheduled in the near future.

Here we provide links to the ongoing research into alternative methods of contraception for men.

Vas-occlusive contraception: Discusses the “Intra vas” devices currently being developed in the US and India. A clinical trial has just been published in China.

Study on hormonal contraception: Published September, 2005 discusses the current status of male hormonal contraceptive research.

BBC news: Article dated January 10, 2002 about a possible use of ultrasound technology to seal the vas deferens.

Malecontraceptives.org: Website that keeps up to date with the ongoing research into alternative methods of birth control for men.

Indian paper: Article from the Asian Journal of Andrology entitled “Vas deferens, a site of male contraception: an overview”. The article is dated June 2001, and details much of the ongoing research into alternative male contraceptive methods.

Boston women’s health book collective: This article, last updated in 1994 is titled “Frontiers in Non-Hormonal male contraception: A call for research”. It discusses the research at time it was published, and not a lot of changes have happened since in the areas it discusses.

Vasclip: Vasclip is a technique whereby a clip is placed on the vas deferens to seal it, and the vas deferens isn’t cut. The device has recently obtained FDA approval.

University of Washington: News article dated November 3, 2002 about the NIH granting $9.5M to further research into the male pill

Fox News: Article dated April 19, 2004 discussing current and possible future alternatives for men.

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