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Swelling in the skin of the penis after vasectomy

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    I had a vasectomy 9 days ago. I have all the classic symptoms such as very sensitive testicles etc. But one thing that is quite worrying to me is that I have a lot of lumpy swelling in the skin of my penis itself. It looks almost like some sort of water retention, as it moves to different locations on the penis during the day, but mostly is on the upper foreskin. It looks really odd and even deformed at first glance. What could cause this after a vasectomy?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Edema (swelling) is a normal response of the body to any type of trauma. Surgery is a form of trauma to the body and, likewise, will result in edema. Edema on the penis can occur after a vasectomy. This can be a result of preparation of that part of the body for surgery (cleansing or taping the penis back during the vasectomy) or regional inflammation after a surgical procedure in the general vicinity. All normal swelling will subside in 1-2 weeks. Ice and anti-inflammatory medicine can expedite the recovery process.

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