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Sore testicles 4 days after vasectomy

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    I had a vasectomy 4 days ago… and my testicles are really sore, the area above my penis is sore and it feels really, well…sore is the only word for it. I called my doctor and he said that it will be sore for at least a week…but I’m kind of freaking out that something is wrong. Is is supposed to feel like this? Every time I touch my testicles it feels odd.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Slight pain in the scrotum or the base of the penis immediately (less than 7 days) after the procedure is not uncommon. Usually, your physician will recommend placing ice packs on the scrotum and prescribe some type of analgesic after the vasectomy. If the pain persists for any period of time longer than this, then the patient should be re-evaluated by the physician.

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