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Lump after vasectomy

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    Approximately 7 weeks ago, I had a standard vasectomy. Since that time, my right side has healed fine, but my left side contains a lump that could be one of the many items you suggest (sperm granuloma, hematoma, etc.) It is not ‘painful’, but uncomfortable around it at times. I am wondering if this length of time is normal and the lump/discomfort will resolve with time.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    The length of time for these “lumps” to resolve is directly dependent on the nature of the lesion. For example, an ingrown hair follicle can resolve quickly, but a keloid scar can be permanent. Also, sperm granulomas do not resolve over time and can even get larger. A detailed discussion of some of the causes of a “lump” after a vasectomy was posted to an earlier question and you may find the response to that question helpful. Only after understanding the cause of the lump can we say how long it will last.

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