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Low sperm motility after vasectomy reversal

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    My partner has had a vasectomy reversals 16 weeks ago. The original vasectomy was 15 years ago. He had his first test done after 9 weeks, results 35 mil, norm morphology, norm PH but only 2% motility. Could his motility increase, and what could help this. He is having another test at 19 weeks post reversal to see if it has got any better.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Non-motile sperm in the ejaculate after a vasectomy reversal can represent a partial obstruction or some old residual sperm that has not yet been cleared from the epididymis. A repeat semen analysis is definitely recommended and oftentimes improved sperm motility will be seen. Another possibility is that this represents some residual swelling (edema) in the lumen of the vas deferens after surgery. A short course of anti-inflammatories or prednisone would be helpful in this situation.

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