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Intermittent pain after vasectomy

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    I’ve been having have an on and off pain in my left testicle for about a year now. Since I’ve cut back on coffee it seems to be not as often. Also, since this pain has started I’ve been getting a rash under the foreskin and on the head of the penis after ejaculation, particularly at the tip. Spraying rubbing alcohol on it keeps it in control and from getting worse. On occasion I have cloudy urine, but not often – maybe once a month. I’ve been checked for Std’s and condom allergy has been ruled out. I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning and have since undergone treatment with chelation therapy (DMSA) The pain and rash started before the chelation therapy. I have also had problems with candida in the stomach.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Prolonged testicular pain lasting approximately one year after a vasectomy is an uncommon occurrence. This can represent a separate pathologic process unrelated to the vasectomy or can represent post-vasectomy pain syndrome. It’s worth having a read through some of the previous questions regarding post vasectomy pain. A vasectomy does not have any impact on your foreskin, head of the penis or the quality of the urine. The problems reported likely represent a different pathologic process. Mercury poisoning can be a contributing problem to these symptoms. Evaluation by a physician who specializes in heavy metal poisoning (not a urologist) is important for appropriate therapy.

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