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Hematoma after vasectomy

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    Hello I like others on your site have developed hematoma a couple of days after my vasectomy. I have revisited my doctor and he suggested time and only to do what is comfortable. My question is from what I have read on the internet some dr.’s suggest “draining” the clot, is there any feed back you could give to help me understand when this procedure is necessary?

    My brother in law received a vasectomy and developed hematoma, the Dr. suggested time and less strain however after around six months his pain finally went away. My job can be strenuous (carpenter) I am just concerned that other measures might have to be taken the future and I would like to minimize the process as far as time is concerned. Thank you for you input I have found your site VERY informative keep up the good work.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Scrotal hematoma is an unfortunate and uncommon complication after a vasectomy. The management of a hematoma in this situation is controversial and depends on several factors. The size of the hematoma, the discomfort associated with the hematoma and the degree of impairment to the patient or any normal physiologic processes. Draining the hematoma can expedite the healing process but does require an additional operation that is associated with its own complications. A conservative approach of wearing a scrotal support, warm bath soaks and rest is always recommended prior to any surgical intervention.

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