Vasectomy Information Forums At 21, am I too young to get a vasectomy?

At 21, am I too young to get a vasectomy?

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    Hi, I have a question regarding the age requirements for having a vasectomy. I am relatively young to be considering this surgery, I will just be twenty-one in November, I have been in a great monogamous relationship for nearly three years with plans to marry the person I am with. We both feel that children are great, but there are a ton of kids who are up for adoption, to give someone basically a second chance at life by adopting them and giving them a great life is something that would be great. Neither of us wants her to be pregnant or to have children of our own.

    As a mature adult male I feel that I should have control over my body and should be able to make the choice of if I want this procedure done or not. I would really like to hear back what you think, besides just the usual “you are to young” type of thing. Thank you.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    In general, there are no minimum age requirements for having a vasectomy in the United States. Some places where vasectomies are performed might have a “cooling off” period that requires the patient to wait a certain period of time after requesting a vasectomy and prior to having the actual procedure. It is always a difficult discussion that a physician must have with a patient who has never fathered any children, but desires a vasectomy. The personal choice not to father any children, but to help children waiting for adoption by providing them with a home, is very honorable. If the decision to have a vasectomy in this situation is truly a conscious choice, then there is no age restriction (over 18 years of age) that should prevent someone from having a vasectomy.

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