Testicular torsion after vasectomy?



From Dale:-
Hi, I had a vasectomy 15 years ago, could you tell me whether it is possible to have torsion of the testis? I believe I may have partial torsion, but surely after a vasectomy the spermatic cord wouldn’t be attached to the testis to cause this problem?
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It is possible to have testicular torsion after a vasectomy. The vasectomy procedure only divides the vas deferens and not the remainder of the spermatic cord. The remainder of the spermatic cord contains the blood vessels essential for testicular health. Torsion occurs when the blood supply to the testicle in the spermatic cord is twisted on itself, preventing the flow of blood to the testis. I am not familiar with the term partial torsion. Some men experience intermittent torsion where the testicle will twist and un-twist spontaneously. Intermittent torsion can lead to the same devastating consequence of loss of the testicle. Men suspected of having torsion or intermittent torsion should seek medical attention immediately.

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