Straightforward vasectomy recovery pictures (Days 1 to 11)

These photos show a typical healing and recovery process for an open-ended vasectomy performed using a midline incision and the no scalpel technique. The testicular ends were not sealed, and the prostatic ends were sealed using electrocautery. Sutures were also used.

The pictures range from the first day after the operation to 11 days after the procedure.

1st day after vasectomy
1st day after the operation, showing sticking plaster covering wound. There is slight bruising on the left testicle, but it’s not particularly visible in this picture.

2nd day after vasectomy
2nd day after vasectomy. This photo shows slight bruising on the left testicle and left side of the penis.

The contributor has spent 1 year doing non-surgical foreskin restoration using t-tape, and he says that “It really does work, it just takes time and patience – I still have many more years left until I’m done.”

On the subject of foreskin restoration, and the reason for it, the contributor says:- “I started foreskin restoration because I had painful tight erections due to too much skin removed from the circumcision forced on me at birth. The circumcision scar is also painful to touch. In addition you can see how the raphe at the tip of my “foreskin” is not centered, it is very twisted compared to the shaft and scrotum. It’s twisted because in infants the penis is still growing and developing and the circumcision harmed that development. That also may be a contributing factor to how my left testicle is lower than the right.”

3rd day after vasectomy
3rd day after the vasectomy. This photo shows that the bruising has slightly deepened, and there is slight would leakage from the central incision. The bruising was at its worst today.

In this series of pictures, the left testicle is hanging significantly lower than the right. I asked the contributor about this. He rightly pointed out that it is normal for one testicle to hang slightly lower than the other. In his particular situation he says that:- “It has always been that way for me, although maybe it just looks like the difference is a lot, and not normal. The left testicle may be hanging lower because of the stitches of the midline incision, and I am still waiting for those stitches to be absorbed. I may also have some contributing factors though such as hydrocele (some fluid filled cysts on or around the testicle) that make it appear larger or heavier in addition to varicocele veins in the left testicle that add more weight or volume. The urologist did an exam on me and did not say anything about the latter two things though.”

5th day after vasectomy
5th day after the vasectomy. This photo shows the bruising has reduced slightly.

7th day after vasectomy
7th day after vasectomy. The bruising on the penis has all but disappeared, and the bruising on the left testicle has reduced too.

11th day after vasectomy
11th day after vasectomy. Puncture wound still visible, and the bruising has disappeared.

Many thanks to our contributor for submitting these pictures and allowing us to use them.

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