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Survey: Sex after vasectomy

This is a non-scientific survey of visitors to looking into the sex lives of men after their vasectomy.

It should be noted that none of the questions below were mandatory, but most men did answer them.

Days Before First Ejaculation

Sex after vasectomy survey - days before first ejaculation
Firstly, we asked “How many day before your first ejaculation”? It should be noted that in the majority of cases the first ejaculation was achieved via masturbation, and done very gently!

Days Before First Post Vasectomy Sex

Sex after vasectomy survey - days before first sex
The statement above that the first ejaculation was often done by masturbation is borne out by the responses to question two – when did you have your first post vasectomy sex? 33% of men said they ejaculated within the first 2 days following the vasectomy, but only 11% of men claimed that this was by having sex! Apart from the initial two days difference, the graphs for ejaculation and sex are broadly similar in the other categories.

Volume of Ejaculate

Sex after vasectomy survey - ejaculate volume
One of the concerns that men have before vasectomy is “Does vasectomy alter the amount of fluid ejaculated”? Therefore we felt that this question was an important one to ask. Unsurprisingly, 81% of men reported no change.

Sexual Desire

Sex after vasectomy survey - sexual desire
Another important point the survey addressed was the question of if vasectomy makes you want sex more, or less. 51% said there was no change, 39% said it made them want sex more and 9% said less. Only 1% of men answered this question with the “Don’t know” option. There are quite a few studies that indicate the general trend post vasectomy is either no change, or an increase in sexual desire. Our sample echoes other surveys on this question.

Pleasure at Ejaculation

Sex after vasectomy survey - pleasure on ejaculation

Associated with the above questions is the pleasure of post vasectomy orgasm – it is better, worse or the same? 76% of our replies said that orgasm was either unchanged or better. 5% said that pleasure at orgasm had diminished and 9% didn’t know.

Frequency of Sex

Sex after vasectomy survey - frequency of sex

Finally, we asked about the frequency of sex. It’s important to note that this wasn’t a question on how vasectomy had affected sex lives. It was a general question on sexual activity.

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