Max’s story: Divorced dad’s vasectomy experience

First, let me introduce myself briefly. I got divorced three years ago, and I have three kids. 10, 8 and 4 years old. Before we got divorced, I thought about getting a vasectomy done, so my wife wouldn’t need to use the pill anymore (and to be honest, the pill has never been really good birth control anyway, two of our children are “presents”). After the divorce I never thought about it anymore. I was happy without a partner.

Up until I met my girlfriend a few months ago. I really don’t want any more kids, we are happy with the six of us (she has a son from a previous relationship as well).

The vasectomy

To make a long story short, I went to the doctor to make an appointment a few weeks ago. Which was done yesterday. The hour before we walked into the hospital I really had a cold sweat. Not because of any doubts, but because of what to expect.

The doctor told me the injection could be a little painful. What a relief it was when I was lying on the table. I hardly felt any pain. “Awkward” describes it better. The nurse and I kept talking about tattoos and the pain involved in having one done. While we chatted she and the doctor performed the surgery. The vasectomy was done within fifteen minutes and I was walking outside after 20.

After the procedure

We went home and after an hour or so I couldn’t suppress my curiosity anymore (and neither could my girlfriend) and checked out their work. The stitches didn’t bleed and I didn’t feel any pain. Really tight swimming trunks are a blessing by the way. We had fun and cuddled and I have to admit, although my testicles felt like they were being squeezed together constantly, I got aroused as well. No of course we didn’t have intercourse, but in no way she needed to avoid touching my sensitive body parts. We even made fun of the 5 days we aren’t supposed to have intercourse. Can we make love again AFTER 5 days, or already ON the fifth one?

Anyway, today is day two. The stitches still haven’t leaked a drop of blood and I feel good. My testicles haven’t swollen (yet) and there are no signs of bruises/blueishness. My testicles still feel a bit like they are constantly being squeezed a little. Not painful, but uncomfortable yes. I wonder how things will develop in the next few days…
I nearly forgot to mention, I haven’t found the need to use pain killers yet. I’ll keep you posted – fingers crossed…

Day 5

So far the surgery has really been a breeze. Still, no bruises, black spots, and about the only thing that really annoys me now are the stitches. They form a 1 cm strip of hard skin. I sleep naked and when you turn on your other side, well you know, things do stick sometimes. Or when your beloved one turns around whilst cuddling each other, ouch. BTW, which reminds me. When I was at the hospital the doctor told me not to have sex for the next 5 days. On day one I wholeheartedly agreed for things felt a little awkward of course – although my girlfriend and I did make fun of the five days, how do we live through it? But on day three we simply couldn’t resist anymore (remember we only met two months ago, so we behave like adolescents sometimes). I was afraid of experiencing pain during having sex. But none of this whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it was a very special experience and felt even better than before.

We don’t think about what the doctor said anymore and we live and behave like we used to do before the surgery. Count me in one of the absolute success stories! If I knew it was that easy, I would have done it way earlier.

One note I have to share with you though. And I think an important one. In my life, I have broken so many bones, and had many surgeries, stitches, been a blood donor, etc. They have sent camera’s down my throat to look inside my stomach. Stuff like that. And I have a few tattoos. Heck, sometimes I feel like Johnny Knoxville. One thing I learned through this is to RELAX, RELAX, RELAX. Let it come over you. Don’t fight it. Don’t be afraid of a needle somewhere. Believe me, pulling a hair from your testicles (if you have any hairs there anyway) hurts much more than this tiny pinch. because that’s what it is. Furthermore, if you are able to relax your body it will be much easier for the doctor to perform the surgery. Think Zen.

During the surgery, he praised me for relaxing my lower body as I did. He didn’t accidentally hit a small blood vessel (which seems to happen quite a lot) and because the muscles in my groin were relaxed, pulling back the vas deferens didn’t cause any pain or resistance.

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