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How long until masturbation after vasectomy?

The answer to this question ties in closely to our article on when it’s OK to have sex after vasectomy, so it’s a good idea to read that article as well. The topic of when it’s safe to masturbate after a vasectomy can be confusing (and frustrating) for many men.
Some doctors provide aftercare instructions which simply state that the patient should abstain from sex for a certain amount of time (usually a week), but don’t specifically address if it’s OK to masturbate before then. Some men interpret this as a free license to masturbate whenever they want following the vasectomy, but this isn’t correct.
Masturbating and ejaculating too soon after your procedure can carry some risk, so you should use the instructions your doctor gave your regarding when it’s safe to resume sexual intercourse as a guideline for when you can start masturbating again. In other words, if your doctor instructs you to wait a week before sex, it’s best to wait a week before masturbating as well.

Why you need to wait

It should go without saying that in the days following a vasectomy, it’s best to avoid any unnecessary trauma to the surgery site. Even though masturbation usually isn’t as rigorous as intercourse, it still has the potential to aggravate the wound.

Another reason you need to wait is that orgasm and ejaculation involve a number of intense muscle contractions in the genital area, which means having an orgasm could be uncomfortable if you’re still experiencing swelling, bruising, or tenderness.

What if I masturbated too soon?

Continue with your recovery process as usual and allow the surgery site to heal. Follow the instructions given to you by your doctor and try to relax. Avoid further sexual activity and try to lie down as much as possible. Make sure you use cold packs to reducing swelling and wear supportive underwear. If you are experiencing a level of pain, swelling, or bleeding that concerns you, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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