Life Before & After Vasectomy (Comments From Our Survey)

This section is a collection of comments made by respondents to our vasectomy survey. Many of the comments were duplicates (or near duplicates) and were deleted. Also, most of the “Go get a vasectomy NOW!” comments have been removed.

We’ve grouped the comments into three general categories and have tried to make sure that all views have some representation here. The topics covered within these three categories vary widely and include comments on post-vasectomy pain, sex after vasectomy, complications, etc.

As no details of the person submitting the form were taken, all comments are anonymous.

Considering a vasectomy (pre-vasectomy)

“We do not have any children and have reached a point where we don’t want any. My wife is only in her mid 40’s and if family history is an indication, she could possibly be able to conceive for another 10/12 years. Like a couple of her aunts.”

“The only real issue is possible regret if you discover in the future you would like to father children again. We were told at the consultation that my vasectomy would definitely be irreversible.”

“My wife is/was on the pill. She became ill and was put on antibiotics 6wks ago and now we are expecting our THIRD child. Surprised yes, but excited just the same! I plan on waiting until a few months after the birth of my child before I find a urologist to perform the open-ended nsv on me. I have decided to have this procedure done for over 7 yrs, yet its kinda scary to think that my fate is near! Great site, thanks from USA daddy 3 to be!”

“Well, after months and years of wearing condoms i am done. I am having the procedure on November 17 just so happens to be my 28th Birthday. I will come back and leave another note after the operation. I do want to thank all that have posted on this site and especially to those people that run the site. Thank you very much.”

“I’m pretty confident in wanting to do this. I’m definitely considering semen freezing, or possible reversal many years later.”

“From what I am seeing, I think there needs to be more research into variations of vasectomy and other forms of birth control. I haven’t totally made up my mind to have one, but my wife and I definitely do not want more children, so I’d say there is a 90% chance that I will get one within the next year.”

“When I went to my doctor to ask about a vasectomy, I wondered if he had an age limit, i.e. a certain age a patient must be to have one without already having children. My dr. told me “you’re the captain of your own ship, good on ya for taking responsibility.” that made me feel better about my choice, of which I am sure is the right one for me. I’m having it done January 8.”

“I am divorced man in my mid 40’s. I have 5 grown up children. Now that I am starting to date again I am considering having a vasectomy.”

“Only concern is possibility of significant long-term pain. It’s hard to understand the real probability”

“We are still very active in bed and as time passes, feel we maybe unable to keep dodging the “bullet”.”

“Go with lots of questions. My urologist gave me very little information ahead of time. I would have liked to have been more educated about my options.”

Pain and discomfort during the procedure and initial healing period

“Like getting up in the morning… O.K. Monday morning!”

“How about having a testicle removed by a doberman?”

“For goodness sake do absolutely nothing for the first 48 hours after the op. Feet up, ice your nuts and watch telly! You’ll be glad you did!”

“The waiting room was the hardest part.”

“Only mild discomfort for a day.”

“Not pleasant, but bearable”

“More discomfort than anticipated”

“My doctor treated the pre-op counseling as though I was having my fingernails trimmed. I spoke to my father-in-law about this and he said, aside from one or two weeks of mild discomfort, that’s about how rough of experience his vasectomy was. My experience was the same.”

“Pre-op meds made me nauseous. Was too busy keeping my stomach under control to notice anything.”

“Procedure was not painful, just minor discomfort. I followed my doctor’s advice and there were no complications.”

“Like when you get your scrotum pinched in your underwear and can’t adjust it because you’re in public.”

“Hard to compare. It WAS more painful than I expected, based on what others told me. I assume I was just unlucky. I still readily recommend that ALL MEN do it when they have had enough kids!”

“I would recommend not having sex as quickly as 48 hours after the procedure. I think it delayed the healing process (duh!).”

” I barely felt the shots. The pulling and tugging felt like a knee to balls.”

“Momentary pain when injection went in, after that, nothing. Quick op!”

“Initially, the anaesthetic wasn’t sufficient and the first incision was almost as painful as my recent episode with a bulged lumbar disk. With more anaesthetic, everything was fine.”

“The doctor inadequately numbed my left vas, so it felt like he was pulling it through my inguinal canal. The right vas was absolutely pain free… what I expected vasectomy to be like.”

“The first anaesthetic shot worked for the incision, but didn’t work for the Vas. Imagine someone applying a surgical clamp to your scrotum and being able to feel it… After the 2nd try, the anaesthetic kicked in and the third clamping was painless.”

“When the anaesthetic is injected in the second testicle (the second testicle thing was confirmed by the urologist who said it is always the second) it felt like someone was squeezing the testicle fairly hard.”

“Local injection discomfort about same as novacaine injection at the dentist, which is worse than a tattoo. also tugging discomfort during the procedure, but no real pain.”

“My doctor did not use a needle to inject the local. He used a pressure tool similar to those “hypos” that you see on Star Trek to force the local below the surface of the skin and into the vas deferens. I’ve also heard of this TYPE of thing being used in the military for injections. It still smarted but I didn’t have to be traumatized by a big needle.”

“Make sure the Doctor waits for the local to kick in. Listen to the Nurse they know better than the doctors. He told me 2 day (BULL) The nurse said more like 4 or 5 days after he left the room.

“Someone grabbing your testicles and pulling on them a little too hard.”

“Weird tugging feeling in the stomach. Kinda like being kicked in the nuts, but not as severe. Needle was uncomfortable, but no worse than the dentist (the thought of it is was kills ya).”

“like a minor kick in the balls you may receive when playing a contact sport, but nothing to really complain about”

“Post recovery felt like I had been kicked in the balls from behind.”

“kick in the groin after-effects, nothing major or overwhelming”

“felt tugging near navel when moving cord to work on right side, odd feeling.”

“A dull ache and a feeling of being pulled about. I nearly fainted after, but I faint after giving blood!”

“The only real discomfort I had was the fear that something may go wrong. That fear lasted until I my first erection and ejaculation following the surgery”

“Felt uncomfortable as opposed to painful. More of a “sick” feeling than an “ouch” feeling and mostly after the procedure was finished at that.”

“Not as bad as getting shot in the gums at the dentist.”

“It was like the injection prior to dental work. The local injection was VERY painful, and felt nothing at all after that.”

“No comparison specifically, but having a dental crown prep work done was much worse.”

“I had an injury that required minor surgery several years ago. The doctor asked me during the procedure if I wanted him to give me a vasectomy during my scrotum repair. I already had a local and it would have been a ‘no charge’ addition. Now I regret not letting him do the couple of extra snips that would eliminate the worry of impregnating my partner. Aside note: The additional embarrassment of having the surgery was raising up after the procedure finding that I had a rock hard erection without knowing it! 🙂

“I was amazed at how it was totally painless and how fast the procedure went. I was really mentally worked up before the procedure and they gave me oxygen to breath throughout the surgery. This oxygen seemed to relax me quite a bit.”

“The self dissolving stitches took too long to dissolve and gave me a bit of irritation until I managed to tease them out.”

“3 days now after procedure and there is a feeling of pressure on my left side of the jewels but other than that no pain.”

“Surgeon left a stitch inside which after a few years became a lump which required surgery to remove”

“It has been 3 weeks and I still have discomfort. I had my scheduled 2 week follow up and was told everything is normal. I asked why it took 55 minutes for the procedure and the doctor must had acted as he forgot he had a difficult time because he denied his comments at the time of the procedure. I am still healing slowly and told by the doctor not to lift for an additional 4 to 6 weeks. (Total 8 weeks)”

“Experienced small testicular discomfort for 3-4 days approx 2.5 months after procedure – has not re-occurred.”

“Consider a general anaesthetic. The procedure was not overly painful, but it took longer than I thought and I passed-out during the procedure. Doctor thought it was an internal reaction to pain. There is much discussion on this site on shaving the area. No shaving was involved in my procedure.”

“During the procedure, he inadequately numbed my left vas, resulting in horrific pain, as he had to “scrape blood vessels” from the vas. The difficulty on the left side forced him to convert the NSV to a scalpel job. He comfortably did the right side. He had to suture the wound, and after having told me that I would not need antibiotics for the procedure, prescribed two days of an antibiotic for me.

“After three days with no specific problems, I developed an infection (could the frozen pea bag have leaked? In retrospect, I would use crushed ice to avoid such a concern.) and the stitches began to prematurely fall out. I went back to the urologist and got a prescription for a new antibiotic for two weeks. After the fourth or fifth day, my stitches fell out, and I was left with a nickel-sized hole in my scrotum that took a couple weeks to close.

“Initially, I had a consult with a highly-touted urologist who couldn’t see me for two months. I decided to go with one of his junior partners who could see me in three weeks and said he did NSV’s. I forwent the consultation and decided to just get it done. The guy acted like I was crazy when I suggested an open-ended procedure, but I went with him anyway.

“The procedure offered was one incision, remove a section of each vas, both suture and cauterize each end, and reroute/bury the upper ends in some fatty tissue, so that the ends aren’t even facing one another in case they try to grow back together. The urologist prefers this procedure because of the tiny incidence of failure. He told me he couldn’t even tell me the failure rate, because there have not been enough failures to date with this procedure to do valid statistics on. During the surgery (done in a “surgical center”), one of the three nurses questioned my choice to have the vasectomy despite being childfree. A dirty look from the urologist quieted her down. I checked the urologist’s experience with vasectomy; he claimed to do 20 to 30 in a typical week, and estimates he’s done over 10,000 during his career. Aside from one cursory “what if?” question, neither my regular doctor nor the urologist gave me any trouble about childfreedom. I have been planning a vasectomy off and on for my adult life. At 20 I decided that if I hadn’t wavered by 25, I’d get it done. But I wasn’t seeing anyone at that time, and I was (an am) reluctant about surgery, so it took another decade-plus to actually get one. The urologist said at my consultation that I should be able to drive myself home, and I did, with no problems.

“99% of my pain was pre-op stress. The procedure itself was not bad. THe bruising afterward scares the daylights out of me. Dr claims no advantage to open end but with 2% vs 6% for closed end PVP, I went with the odds. I REALLY appreciate the info and support I got from the newsgroup. Hope I can be of comfort to others considering a vasectomy.

After the initial healing period

“I wish I had the vasectomy 10 years earlier, right after the birth of our second child. Intercourse is so much nicer without a condom. Plus, now there is no worry about condom failure. A pregnancy in our marriage in our late 40s would be a disaster.”

“I should have done it much sooner as I never wanted children. Sex is much more spontaneous and better. I was always afraid of pregnancy during orgasm and now I don’t have to worry anymore!”

“I did feel that my sexual drive increased after my vasectomy. Sex is even more pleasurable now.”

“After going off the pill, my wife wanted sex more.”

“My Wife Smokes, and is very slightly overweight – I use to fear that taking the pill long term would affect her health – blood clots, etc. I now relax more therefore enjoy love-making far more. If Vasectomy is right for you, and you are comfortable with it, go for it but be certain why you are doing it. Good Luck”

“Be sure of your wife’s reproductive health before your vasectomy. Mine may have a hysterectomy, due to fibroid tumors, soon, rendering my procedure needless!”

“After seeing what women have to go through when having children, I think it is no great hardship for the man having to have to go for the snip to avoid future unwanted pregnancies.”

“My orgasms (that word’s particularly interesting in the plural) initially (first several weeks) were not remotely as satisfying as they used to be. They are slowly getting better. There was a fellow who wrote in on the Usenet explaining a similar phenomenon using a feline metaphor (waiting for three cats to walk across the street before turning left, now the third cat’s gone) that I did not understand at the time, but that makes complete sense to me now in terms of describing the change in the triggering mechanism of orgasm.”

“Although I had some minor complications, it was well worth it. Using condoms was not fun, and if we didn’t use condoms then if her period was late is was really NO fun. Not much has changed sexually so if you don’t want kids (or as in my case, already have 2 kids.. enough’s enough), go for it!”

“Chose to have an o/e nsv, and took forever to clear. I still have dead residue sperm, almost a year after the procedure! My regret is not having a urologist perform the v, vs the gp.”

“I have had 3 post vasectomy semen samples. None have been clear but all have non-motile sperm. Your questionnaire did not allow me to answer this question accurately as I have not yet been declared sterile. My doctor did say that there is new research to say that non-motile results after multiple samples after this length of time (6 months) is considered as a clear sample. So I think I may be clear and sterile, but I am not completely sure.”

“Personally, I wish my son who is 17 would consider having it done. It would save him a LOT of problems in the future. If you plan to be a “Dad” you for SURE have to be in a proper mental state for it. You had better know just what you are committing yourself to doing. Being a father is REALLY a big deal and if you are not ready for it, don’t get a girl pregnant! Also be sure you are capable of a good income. Bringing up a family is not a cheap undertaking and divorce can be devastating for many years. Am I Pro-vasectomy? YES”

“I had a vasectomy under general anaesthetic during a hernia repair. I do not like the idea of a vasectomy or being sterile, but what is a guy to do. I guess this is what a good husband and responsible father does. I would not chose a vasectomy, but I am happy about no more children. I am making the best of it. The sex is good. So—yes the vasectomy is good but idea of being sterile is hard. Thank you.”

“From my experiences I have run into about 20 to 30 men that are willing to admit that they had a vas. Of these about 2 had swelling after the operation. I went to a party full of doctors the night that it happened and with 2 drinks everything was great. It appears from the group that there is a lot of apprehension before the operation. I was counting down the days before we could have no problems with a pregnancy. Also there will be changes in men regardless if they have a vas. or not. AS we all get older the force of the ejaculation, erection hardness, amount of erections will decrease. To blame the operation after a few years would take a large survey and even then I would question the results.

“I had a vasectomy at an early age (23) so I was a bit depressed when I first found out I was sterile. Although we don’t want kids, I felt “less whole” for a while…I had the older closed-end procedure.”

“After I was given the message that there were no sperm present in my sample I was so glad to ditch condoms forever! It has made a world of difference. So much better. Every guy should do it if he wants no more children.”

“Sex is much better for me. No more condoms. Of course my wife complains that I take too long now and I drip out of her for 1-2 days. Just to confirm my saying “no good deed goes unpunished.”

“I still have small amount of discomfort after 4 months. Kind of like a dull aching pulling on my right side. I was told this could be permanent but most likely would go away with time. Ejaculate was greatly reduced for first 3 months but seems to have increased in volume as of late.”

“I would do it again. No regrets. I had it done when I was in my early 30’s I also advocated to other individuals to have the procedure done. The doctor did a single incision in the middle of my scrotum. this was a surprise to me. I only have one scar. I have had the procedure done March 1, 1969. It was done when people did not talk about the procedure. Had a problem locating a surgeon and called the Association for Voluntary Sterilization. Had the vasectomy less than one week from the call. Was completely satisfied with the doctor and procedure.”

“24 years later I still have no regrets, Please remember vasectomies are not that new and have stood the test time.”

“I have still not had all clear after 4 samples and approximately 40 ejaculations. The level of information from the hospital is very poor. I know that the results from my fourth sample have been issued to the Doctor and for over 10 days and I have heard nothing. During my last phone call 7 days ago I was advised that they were going to make an appointment with me to see the surgeon. However, since then i have heard nothing. I asked if the sperm counts were high or low and I have not been given very informative information (traces of non motile sperm). When i probed for more information that is when they advised they were a little concerned and would make an appointment for me.”

“I failed to get checked after my procedure. I mentioned above I have 4 kids, but when it was done, I only had 3. We conceived our youngest SIX MONTHS after my procure. I have since been checked twice–once after learning my wife was pregnant, and once after our baby daughter was born. Both tests came back clear. However, my wife still becomes suspicious whenever she is late.”

“I had been debating on having a vasectomy for years,I was divorced and my children were in their teens,I finally decided to have one and I am glad I did no more worrying about my partner getting pregnant and the best of all no more condoms! 4 sons were in their late teens. I finally decided to get one and I am glad I did, no more worrying about getting my partner pregnant,and best of all, no more condoms!”

“I wish I had not had wait so long to have my vasectomy, but because I am so young it was hard to convince doctors to perform it. I was only 20 when I had my vasectomy so I had to shop around for a while to find a doctor who would sterilise me. My recommendation to all young men who want to have a vasectomy is to go ahead with it as long as you are sure. You will be a more free person once you do not have to worry about getting women pregnant!”

“Not that I changed my mind later on, I was just doing this to get my wife, mother-in-law, and father off my back. I never wanted to do it and now, 7 years later I still regret it as one of the biggest mistakes of my life.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any information out there that would have persuaded me not to get it done.. everything points to how wonderful, how easy, how inexpensive it is, but nothing as to a man’s feelings about it..it was my wife’s idea to get it done, and i had nothing concrete to avoid it.. couldn’t just say no without a reason… I was depressed for a year after the vasectomy and finally got it reversed a year and 1/2 later …. I’m doing great now! and still don’t want any more children… a vasectomy has been the worst experience of my life”

“I *thought* I had it understood with the urologist that I was going to have NSV. I learned the next day it was a conventional vasectomy. I AM PISSED!!! I just had my vasectomy Friday (It’s Sunday morning. I’m bruised pretty good and plenty hacked off but in no pain. Too early to tell about these other questions.”

“I am still at the early post operative stage, having had my vasectomy only 5 days ago. My one major area of concern was the fact that the surgeon could only find one Vas on which to perform the operation. He didn’t indicate whether or not this was a common occurrence. His only statement being that if my sperm count did not reduce I will have to return for an investigative operation under a general anesthetic. Obviously I will have to discuss this further with my GP in due course. But I do believe that my surgeon could have been a little more forthcoming at putting my mind at rest. Especially bearing in mind the level of stress that I was under prior to the operation attested to in my blood pressure being recorded at 205/95 prior to the operation commencing.”

“At my consultation, I received a brochure about NSV. I assumed that that is what I was getting – I never specifically asked. On the day, I had taken Valium and was very agreeable. Afterwards I regret that I didn’t get all of the facts up front. NSV stories sound very good compared to me experience. I will find out for sure when I go back for the sperm count check, but I suspect that my HMO only covers the bilateral procedure. That will be OK, but still I would like to have been able to consider maybe paying the difference? Maybe that wouldn’t have been an option. After 3 weeks I’m finding that Ibuprofen and a jock strap keep the swelling down, and keep me feeling normal – except for tight underwear!”

“Absolutely recommend it. Do your research first, and don’t be put off by the religiously motivated scare-mongers on the web. The REAL facts are that the procedure is low risk.”

“I had a vasectomy when you did not talk about having one. I called a doctor in my home town and he wanted to put me in the hospital to have it done. I would have been difficult to explain to my parents and my wife’s parents why I was in the hospital. Neither of our parents know that I had a vasectomy. I had the vasectomy done by a urologist while I was stationed in Illinois. I could not get a doctor to do the procedure where I was stationed. I had to travel 40 miles to have it done. I drove both ways to have the procedure and home. I used an athletic supporter for two weeks. When my testicles were not supported I could feel some pulling but not that it was a problem. I had the procedure done on a Saturday and was back to work on Monday. My parents came the following weekend but didn’t know I had a vasectomy. I have passed on the information to my friends and have influence more than twenty people to have a vasectomy. When I went for the procedure, the doctor made one incision in the center of my scrotum and pulled the tubes out an tied them. He cut about a half inch and then cauterized them. We have been pleased with the results. I have not any post operation problems. I have now had a radical prostatectomy because of cancer. I don’t believe that it was a result of the vasectomy. Since then I have had intercourse. Prior to the prostatectomy I has sex regularly, several times a week. I am now 65 years old and the vasectomy was done when I was 31. Would recommend the procedure to anyone. Sex was great after the vasectomy with no thought of pregnancy. Hope this information helps. Would do it again without any hesitation.”

“I wish I would have had the vasectomy earlier in time. What has helped is that I masturbate more frequently and I sexually aroused even more. I also enjoy deeper penetration and I can ejaculate in positions other than missionary.”

“The Dr said expect drainage for up to a week, I had it for 2 weeks. Was on antibiotics for 5 days. Had started to improve but then 9 days after started having soreness from the infection. The first ejaculation felt like I was running sand through my penis, subsequent ejaculations got better and back to normal after the 5-6th. I think that if I had had some support and understanding from my spouse I would feel better about going through it.”

“This is for men out there who think that a vasectomy will make them less of a man. IT’S BULL, having it done is the best thing after you and your woman have had children. Talk it over making sure that what you’re going to decide if it’s the right time. Sex is even better, you realize that she can’t get pregnant and you have sex even more and no worries about getting pregnant.”

“Hadn’t planned on this. It was quite sudden due to a unfortunate mis carriage my wife had. Due to what complicated her mis carriage and all the other clinical stuff it was suggested by the family doctor that it would be best if I had the operation. Due to the circumstances my wife encountered. I agreed after he explained that far less risk for me than her. We had wanted a third child but guess that is all stopped now that I’ve had the operation.”

“After you have a vasectomy you can reduce the chance of PVP (my opinion) by taking care of supporting your testicle. I ran one time without adequate support and was in pain for a week. Just keep them supported.”

“It’s a lot easier to get this done than it is for your female partner. This is great as long as you’re comfortable with the decision.”

“Before I had the procedure, I would have rather been going in for open heart surgery. While I can’t say the procedure was very pleasant, it wasn’t that bad in hindsight. I still get twinges of pain in my testicles from time to time that I’m certain are related to the procedure, but it really isn’t that bad.”

“After over 12 months of tests still not sure if I am clear. Supposed to have had a live sperm coungbut due to and an administrative error by the consultant the path lab refused to do the test until over three hours after the ejaculation.”

“From the time of my vasectomy to my wife’s menopause our sexual relations have been totally spontaneous and our activities varied since we did not have to use condoms and spermicides.”

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